CBS & typical US legacy media show us daily why they are garbage & purely inept, biased, corrupted & dangerous! Heart attack deaths 30% higher than predicted in 25-44 year age -group; but CBS says its

by Paul Alexander

due to not masking & young people NOT getting vaccinated; they brought on Gounder to talk this crap, yes, Dr. Gounder & wait for it, it is her husband Grant Wahl who died from the vaccine; hhhmmmm

Gounder refuses to accept that the COVID gene injection may have likely caused the rupture of the aortic aneurysm her husband reportedly died from, and this despite we actually finding and reporting on research that shows the elevated risk of aortic aneurysm rupture post COVID gene injection vaccine.

So according to Gounder, not masking can cause you to die of heart attack. Not getting the vaccine can cause you to die from heart attack and she cannot even look at the screen or reporter when we talks this garbage.