"CDC admits it failed to meet expectations in COVID response" (& monkeypox response); I say NO, it's not that simple, they did not make 'mistakes', they are purely stupid, inept, corrupt, & deficient!

by Paul Alexander

Fauci & Birx led overthrow of Trump, subversively, using inept corrupted science with the CDC, FDA, NIH & their leaders, with the deepstate bureaucrats who think they own America & POTUS is powerless

CDC must be stripped down to the studs, fumigated, as well as NIH and FDA. Fire 100 top down, and it is time to rebuild and remake it into what it should be. Not the present corrupted cesspool of malfeasants conspiring daily against the American people. Technocrats over flowing with hubris, arrogance, contempt for the ordinary ‘unwashed’ populace. I know what they do and did, I was there and met many of these people who are corruptible to the core. Inept and pure stupid. I cannot for the life of me understand how they hold the positions they do. Incestuous.

It is time, it is time to shut it down.

They at CDC and NIH and FDA and NIAID etc. are dumb, and you think they are smart for you think they should be; they are not. Clueless. Just highly paid. Cushion jobs. Not merit based.

CDC admits it failed to meet expectations in COVID response

It is not that they made mistakes or did not meet expectations, it is because they had and have no clue what they are talking about! They are stupid idiots and all should be fired! It is time to take the CDC down to the studs, fire most, a bunch of stupid moronic health officials! Corrupted and CDC worked with NIH and FDA to harm Trump, to undercut his pandemic response, Fauci & Birx led.