CDC admitting FAILURES in COVID & MONKEYPOX response? take a look at the ever-changing COVID guidance, across time; hhhhmm, I think the CDC is in trouble & trying to backtrack; we DON'T let them!

by Paul Alexander

JAIL time! I told you that Redfield said it was purely made up! never on science, MADE up! so the CDC has come around now? We have told them for 2 years, so again, money fine and jail time!

First, it’s the vaccine, stupid, NOT the virus, that is causing the infectious variants!

It is time to tear CDC down to the frame and rebuild, it is a complete failure!


CDC admits it failed to meet expectations in COVID response

It is not that they made mistakes or did not meet expectations, it is because they had and have no clue what they are talking about! They are stupid idiots and all should be fired! It is time to take the CDC down to the studs, fire most, a bunch of stupid moronic health officials! Corrupted and CDC worked with NIH and FDA to harm Trump, to undercut his pandemic response, Fauci & Birx led.

This is why I pointed out to them in May and June and July 2020 to fix their fraud corrupted inaccurate guidance, they, with Fauci moved to fire me!

Notice where the CDC stated clearly that the mRNA and spike protein etc. does not stay in the body long-term, well, we told them over a year now and now it just disappears from their site. Poof, it’s gone.

July 2021:


July 2022:

Now July 23rd 2022: