CDC and 'Chestfeeding' for transgender (men who pretend they are women) using a hormonal drug that affects baby's heart: have we gone EFFin crazy led by the inept incompetent moronic technocrats

by Paul Alexander

at CDC? This agency has lost its way & must be removed, taken down to the studs, burnt down, razed, & all employees placed on The ROCK (Alcatraz) to work! What sheer idiocy, WOKE gone wild!

Shut it down, fire them all, shut the CDC down, it is not only full of stupid people, it is reckless and dangerous and you need look no further than the laughable MMWR document they produce. What an embarassment. What garbage tripe in that MMWR, pseudoscience. Junk

‘When do we stop pretending that men can simply become women and women can be men?


How much longer can we let this mass mania go on? 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, last seen making toddlers mask for a virus that barely affected them — using masks that didn’t prevent exposure — now has suggestions for trans men and women who want to breastfeed

I’m sorry, did I say breastfeed?

How 2021 of me. 

The term is now “chestfeed,” because why would we assume that the person doing the feeding has breasts?

So old-fashioned. 

The CDC advice isn’t just for biological women who have removed their breasts but still want to nurse babies, it’s also for biological men, who through the magic of plastic surgery also have breasts and would now like to use these breasts to feed babies. 

As that’s biologically impossible, the CDC suggests getting help with “maximizing milk production, supplementing with pasteurized donor human milk or formula, medication to induce lactation.” 

A 2022 CDC note specified “an individual does not need to have given birth to breastfeed or chestfeed.” 

Chesting up 

Apparently, biological men can force their bodies to produce breastmilk (chestmilk?) via hormone drugs. 

One of the drugs that has been used for this purpose has an FDA warning against it because, surprise, it can have negative effects on a baby’s heart. 

This method of forcing lactation is called the Newman-Goldfarb protocol and has been traditionally used by women who adopted babies and still wanted to nurse them. 

Various doctors have weighed in on the idea of men producing milk, with Dr. Stuart Fischer, an internal medicine doctor in New York, stating the obvious: The idea that “breast milk produced by trans women is comparable to breastmilk made by biological women is ‘very hard to believe.’ ” 

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There are very few studies on this method, especially when used by biological males. 

We don’t know what the impact will be on babies, if that’s even still the term for them, or on the biological male forcing lactation.

In sections of the major health institute’s guidance on breastfeeding, it contained information for those who have had much of their breasts removed in gender-reassignment surgeries, or for biological men taking hormones to grow breasts, on how to feed their newborn children.

However, several doctors criticized the guidance, not simply because CDC has appeared to guide biological men in how to breastfeed children, but because they claimed the CDC has failed to gauge the risks posed to children drinking milk produced by chemicals used in gender-reassignment medical operations.