CDC and Chinese spy balloons: while you were sleeping, CDC added Covid shots to list of routine vaccines for kids and adults; puts the shot alongside vaccines for diseases such as polio and measles

by Paul Alexander

Covid shots have officially been added to the list of routine immunizations for kids and adults; Officials said the move would 'normalize' the vaccine and 'send a powerful message' for all to get it

This is the hill parents must be willing to defend, with your life if need be. No shot! For your healthy child.

CDC, NIH, FDA, Pfizer, Moderna and other policy makers know that the vaccine does not sterilize the virus (stop infection, replication, transmission) and is ineffective with negative effectiveness, and also deadly. They know this. They know that it is sub-optimal, leaky, imperfect and places the target antigen under sub-optimal immune pressure and thus selective pressure will result in new infectious variants with a potentially virulent one. They know. Then why continue with these fraud ineffective gene injections (both mRNA and DNA)? The mRNA technology and the LNP platform and vaccine overall must be investigated, all players in this.

CDC and FDA and vaccine makers know that children bring statistical zero risk of severe outcomes or death if exposed to COVID and thus why was this added? Against the objections of parents who have only taken little of the bivalent booster, less than 10%, registering their displeasure and rejection of the COVID shot in children. So why? Once CDC placed it as part of the schedule, means that it now escapes liability and we cannot sue when your child takes it and dies and many will. Many healthy children will die from these shots. I have learnt too that adults will also have access now and the vaccine maker will still have liability protection while it remains under FDA’s EUA.

Point is that the vaccine makers e.g. Pfizer and CDC and FDA know that these shots could never get full proper FDA approval based on the ineffectiveness and deaths. So they have done and end-run around us THE PEOPLE! What was done here stinks to high heavens.

‘It puts the shot in the same category as vaccines for diseases such as polio, measles and hepatitis B.

But it is not a mandate, and unlike those shots, children who do not get it will not be restricted from schools.’

But here resides the fraud and lie for it is up to States to impose this and they will especially blue States for children. Let us see how this plays out. But this is a devastating development if as reported in Dailymail.