CDC Annual Influenza Activity and VE Update, FDA VRBPAC Meeting, 3 March 2022: see slide 13, what does it say? that the flu shot yearly is always HIT & MISS, & really crock; vax effectiveness 8-14%

by Paul Alexander

Money making scheme, can't work and never did work well, how could you devise a proper effective flu vaccine for a highly mutating respiratory flu vaccine for upcoming season? Always was a fraud!

It's about money, always money, never ever about your health and well-being. These crooks in public health know there will be immune escape. The yearly influenza vaccine DOES NOT prevent the flu! Period! Talk to your doctor about this for your decision making.

Look carefully at slide 13, extreme right column, the VE actually is in negative (-) territory. Very alarming.

But this is why the vaccine for COVID virus was doomed and bound to fail. It is a highly mutable virus, respiratory, an animal reservoir (s), open borders etc. Moreover, the makers and FDA know this vaccine did not stop infection, replication, transmission, or deaths. It did NOT sterilize the virus and the antibodies were non-neutralizing, and could not eliminate the virus. The COVID vaccines actually enhance and facilitate infection in the vaccinated person (binds to the virus’s spike yet does not eliminate/neutralize) and the pandemic will never end if this vaccine continues. The COVID vaccines are sub-optimal and the immune pressure on the virus’s spike is driving selection pressure and thus natural selection will select more infectious variants that would become dominant. There is a chance that one will be lethal. There is clear negative efficacy with these vaccines whereby the vaccine causes infection and does not mitigate it.

You know all prior attempts to make a SARS CoV vaccine failed as the animals got very sick and many died (I think all) when re-challenged in the wild with natural virus. They died! These vaccines have all prior failed! The vaccine makers and FDA allowed the by pass of the proper animal testing and challenge studies for COVID. Did you know this?

My role is to expose the lies and show the truth. I am no genius, just sharing what I know and read and think about and hopes it informs you. Use what you think is useful, junk the rest. You do not need to listen to me or believe me. All we do here is share information.




see these fascinating graphs and charts on the VE due to the massive and rapid mutations on the spike across the variants Delta and Omicron: