CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky is incredibly inept and incompetent, I do not know how else to state this; Califf just blatantly lies each times he speaks as FDA Commissioner; we are in trouble

by Paul Alexander

Safety studies were never done, ever, & future harms could be life-altering if not ending due to these mRNA gene injections; how could you inject people with a BA.5 bi-valent booster if recovered?

Nothing these idiots at FDA and CDC and NIH are doing, in conjunction with Bourla and Bancel, makes any sense. These people are either incredibly inept or very malfeasant. Chose one! They are harming the nation and world with their scientific junk, dangerous injection.

We need to fire Ashish Jha for he is even more idiotic than Fauci and that is a tall order. Inept. Stupid. Someone should tell him to shut up!

This is just pure politics now, election mid-term and 2024 politics but we have them all by the short and curlies. We have the data and evidence. We will not let them go, we will investigate them all and jail them if we have to! Any and all!

Why did Offit say no more shots? Regardless of the bi-valent, he is taking not one more nor his children. Why? What does he know or suspect?

Why did Gruber and Krause resign from the FDA as vaccine and boosters rolled out? What did they know?