CDC Director says para 'the Science is gray' and we react to 'new' data; she is a blatant liar, she lies with ease, that's all she does, she & Fauci, inept with noble lies, they lie, its not 'new data'

by Paul Alexander

CDC always had the data, they just lie, are corrupt today and inept, and did work to damage Trump; I called them out 18 months ago, a corrupt political agency; and Walensky should be fired by Biden!

The last 4 to 5 CDC directors have taken a marque agency and damaged its reputation; likely irreparably, and IMO, there are many smart and good people at CDC, I know some, but many, many are corrupted idiot buffoons, I know some of them, highly paid, highly underworked and political and biased, and they are not contemporary with the science and way out of step; they do not understand how to read science, how to read the data and it was clear their ineptness with COVID, and are purely blinded to the science, academically sloppy.

When the CDC botched the initial testing in this COVID pandemic and caused the US to fly blind for 5 weeks and allowed the virus to seed across the nation, I grew to understand how corrupt and inept they were; we are still suffering the implications…Giroir deserves praise, he is the only one of the clown car TF I would praise today, the rest were weak and ill placed and some worked against POTUS…corrupted. Damaged the US.

CDC failed test costed the virus and likely lives and CDC should never be near a test and should be taken down to the studs and fumigated and revamped, fire the top 20 levels all departments and start over…its failed. Fire many of these clowns.

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