CDC Director Walensky lied to ABC, she openly lied about myocarditis in children, see what she did below, but I know no one public health official that lies as openly as she does; not the first time

by Paul Alexander

CDC's own analysis shows Walensky LIED and lies

How do I say it? I say she is bold-faced liar!!!!!!!!!!!! over and over. She should be fired!!!! She has zero credibility.


See this report to ABC that Walensky said these actual quotes:

With nearly 5 million children ages 5 to 11 now vaccinated against COVID-19, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky says real-world monitoring finds vaccines are safe for young children.

Then Walensky on December 10th then went on to say (I embed what is in the pasted shot above):

"We haven't seen anything yet," Walensky told ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton in a rare in-person interview from CDC headquarters in Atlanta. "We have an incredibly robust vaccine safety system, and so if [problems] were there, we would find it."

So the CDC director on December 10th says no safety signals found. She is saying no indication of myocarditis. She said so as above. In 5 million cases, not one instance of myocarditis.



See this slide that the CDC presented saying as of December 9 and 10th, the slide has December 9th on it, their own analysis, and look at slide 19…the slide says “as of Dec 10th, 2021”..why would she openly lie this way? she is misleading the media and the nation… it was untrue what she said and this is not trivial, this is catastrophic and major decisions were made and here is the CDC director lying…she has to be fired! it is unacceptable. it is reckless and dangerous.

See slide 19 of the CDC’s own analysis and report:

In this slide, the same day she said no cases of myocarditis, what are you seeing?

14 reports of myocarditis

5 reports follow up in progress etc.

Reports met CDC working definition for myocarditis

She should be fired!