CDC & EBOLA: again CDC reveals its either corruption that knows no bounds, or depth of stupidity too great, or malfeasance; can I suggest CDC, to CLOSE the EFFin border to UGANDA, direct or indirect!

by Paul Alexander

CDC: “While there are no direct flights from Uganda to United States, travelers from or passing through affected areas in Uganda can enter US on flights connecting from other countries,” imagine that!

CDC’s Frieden and Obama brought EBOLA to US shores. It was one of the most stupid gravest moves in the past Obama administration and the insanity and corruption did not start in COVID. Forces have been working to harm the US way back. Ask yourself a simple question. Where was the value added to bring EBOLA to US shores in the Obama administration, save to make the US an African sub-nation, EBOLA and all. I saw then no epidemiological, no medical, no benefit, none!