CDC et al. are sheepishly quietly ('while you were sleeping') reversing all it's corrupted FRAUD unscientific COVID guidance; NOT because it worked, NO, because you, I, know it is over & was a FRAUD

by Paul Alexander

it was all lies, every single aspect of the COVID pandemic response, all a fraud and lies, from day 1, all lockdown lunacy, the COVID gene injections, a fraud, never worked, ineffective and deadly!

Asymptomatic transmission, PCR fraud test, equal risk of harms if exposed regardless of age and risk, recurrent infections (pre Omicron), natural immunity inferior to vaccine immunity, no early treatment, redefinition of ‘vaccinated’ etc. all of it were lies, day 1. All of it and none can be defended.

Now, these crooked corrupted health agencies trying to sheepishly reverse it all, but I say no, not so, we investigate them all and pull them, all the policy makers, take them into courts, and investigate and if we prove they were reckless and dangerous and caused deaths, we impose financial penalties and imprison them!