CDC failures? Well Rand Paul has touched on is not acknowledging you have a problem in this case, paging Rochelle and Fauci and Birx, it is not an 'interpretation' or 'communication' issue

by Paul Alexander

It is not an 'interpretation' or 'transparency' issue; no, it is that you were wrong always! flat wrong! every single thing that you CDC said, was wrong!

We did not need to put masks on children, CDC was wrong e.g. Sweden did not mask any child ever in the pandemic

Prior infection does not give protection via natural immunity that is protective; CDC did not acknowledge this and continue to push boosters in children

No evidence that a booster for a child provides protection for infection, hospitalization or death, no evidence, yet CDC pushes boosters in 2 year olds that only increase antibodies that are not a proper definitive proxy for immunity

If you have had COVID infection (and are thus protected), your are 57 times less likely to have to go to the hospital than someone who has not had it, so it is very protective