CDC held ACIP meeting September 1st, 2022 & let us look at the MICE data in CDC's slide # 22, the 10 mice: "Booster Doses of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines in Adults, Adolescents & Children"

by Paul Alexander

Slides show all 10 BA.5 boosted MICE rechallenged with BA.5 got COVID infected in lung (left graph) & nostril (right graph); fewer virus in mice lung, left graph? but huge virus spreader (right graph)

I think what is stunning is that you would have thought that BA.5 booster would function good even for short space of time for the sub-variant it was made for, the BA.5. But it did not. Why? Is it that it cannot or does not work in fully vaccinated people, in this case mice? Is it that it fails complete? Did prior vaccines damage the immune system so very much that these boosters even CANNOT work? That the immune system is destroyed. This data in mice seems to show this.

The key message is that a decision was made despite this disastrous mice data, to approve the bivalent booster for hundreds of millions of Americans based on a rodent mice model, 8-10 mice who all got COVID in lungs and nostrils and so the vaccine did not work in the mice. The results showed that there was risk of transmission and also lung disease. The only human data is based on the BA.1 variant which is not applicable to BA.5. So in short, what Pfizer and Moderna and FDA is doing is crazy, insane, outrageous with this NOT needed bivalent booster! No wonder Albert Bourla (CEO of Pfizer) who now has COVID twice in one month, symptomatic, who took his 4 shots, who is taking his failed Paxlovid that causes rebound COVID, will not take his 5th booster.

His vaccine DOES not work, and I do not think he is brainwashed, no, he is still trying to convince you to take the fraud shot. Switch it off! Never in your children! Defend them with your very life!



It is ridiculous, nonsense for the CDC to claim that the less virus in the lungs of the mice means it is of benefit. This cannot be extrapolated to humans and likely will not be beneficial. Moreover, BA.5 has not caused serious lung disease yet we are seeing with bivalent boosting, it causes this in mice. So CDC cannot have it both ways. If they wish to say the left sided graph shows lower infection (not NO infection, just lower infection in the boosted) and this is ‘good’, then we can say that normally, omicron is not causing lung disease yet had damaged the lung in mice when boosted (left sided and right sided graphs).

What incredulous stupidity and I agree with Igor (see below).


This is why CDC said we need a bivalent booster:

Igor Chudov does an excellent job on the slide and I would be remiss not to showcase his strong work:

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