CDC: how could the CDC remove such major mechanics and safety claims about the COVID mRNA gene injections and do it so quietly? Did you notice the 'before' and 'after'? Do you see what is now GONE?

by Paul Alexander

Remember, the CDC and NIH and FDA and Pfizer etc. told us that the vaccine and contents stays in the injection site (arm) and was quickly cleared by the body with no residual effects; they ALL lied!

See if you can figure out what is missing with the update.

CDC ‘after’ statements were removed:

CDC ‘before’ the statements were removed:

Dr. Roger Hodkinson, pathologist, MD, shared with me electronically that I remind the reader:

By injecting into the deltoid (arm), ‘vaxx would be rapidly removed from the deltoid PDQ, as it would travel immediately in lymphatics to the axillary LNs and thence into the general circulation if the entrapment capacity in the LNs was exceeded.

Forceful injection into the deltoid is very physically disruptive, causing a lake of the vaxx in the muscle mixed with cellular debris. The disruption would allow easy nanoparticle access to numerous ruptured lymphatics.

Sure, some residual nanoparticles would persist in the muscle, but intact myocytes would have very poor SP manufacturing capacity.’