CDC is in big trouble now! but they are not saying they got things wrong, they are telling us they will do worse and harder next time! But all they did was WRONG, deadly! they are inept, corrupt, jail

by Paul Alexander

This is greatest disaster, the COVID lockdowns & then the vaccine, both are the greatest disasters! Fauci, Hahn, Redfield, Walensky, Francis Collins, Bourla, Bancel, must be investigated, fined, jail!

They must be held accountable, fully. No mea culpa, no ‘we made a little mistake here and there’….NO, we must jail many of them, and I am very serious!

As Carville (I do not agree with lots of his statements but he is right sometimes) says, over educated stupid morons. They are all removed form society, they are deranged sick people at CDC and NIH, sick in the head. Their actions caused deaths and we must get accountability. Don’t tell me you did not message properly, what bull shit. You were flat wrong on everything.