CDC, NIH, and WHO will not tell the gay & bisexual community that their form of physical contact is spreading monkeypox, NO, NO, NO...not because they are gay, no stigma, no ostracizing...but

by Paul Alexander

I am warning you, CDC, NIH, WHO, PHAC etc. will move to lock you down again & mask you up because of the word games & woke political correctness, monkeypox will leach into the heterosexual community

It is not being gay, it is the type of skin to skin intimate sex contact and thus risk of exchange of the content of the pox lesions and pustules from one to another. A pathogen can spread in heterosexual contact skin to skin too etc. In this case it is still localized to the men who have sex with men community. We fight to keep it there and end the outbreak.

If there is no contact, then no exchange. IMO, talk of airborne by health people is bullsh*t. Seen no evidence of this at this time. When I do and it is credible, I will advise.

They, CDC, NIH, WHO etc. are operating this response to drive bisexual behavior to leach it to the heterosexual community…then like for HIV, heterosexual people will be at risk and then it becomes part of the heterosexual community. Then another UN agency such as UNPOX akin to UNAIDS…it was all political bullsh*t and stealing of donor money. High crime bandits in those organizations.

Why can’t we not tell the preset at-risk community to abstain from sex for 3 weeks, from close skin to skin contact, and do aggressive contact tracing with quarantine if symptomatic…and thats it…

no lockdowns, no masks, no closures, no mass vaccine etc. needed. Never were for this.

But I guess as COVID is winding down, we shift to the monkeypox…

But wait, my bad, COVID would have been over but IT CANNOT end, no no no, it actually is NOT winding down….no no no, Fauci and Collins and Bourla and Bancel saw to that, these, the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, by using this non-sterilizing sub-optimal non-neutralizing injection that is driving variant after variant and potentially virulent ones. And the disaster that will fall on our healthy children should we mass vaccinate them with these ineffective failed injections.

Sorry, we will be dealing with POX and COVID for some time to come. I apologize.