CDC, NIH, FDA, Moderna, & Pfizer officials anonymously told me at HHS in Washington, out of fear for safety & jobs, that they were concerned the mRNA COVID vaccine was i)unsafe & would lead to deaths

by Paul Alexander

over time ii)that in approx 6 yrs would have high deaths iii) that autoimmunity would emerge iv)that vaxx would drive variants that could become dangerous v)not safety tested vi) a danger for kids

We spoke repeatedly. Out of fear they always spoke anonymously and in private, secretly. They told me they felt they could confide in me given my own advocacy from on the inside. Fear for safety, for their jobs, families. I warn again. I asked them to come forward then and they refused. They spoke to me as felt could trust me, knew that I was raising hell on the inside. I cannot divulge their identities but I am saying what was told to me. I am doing this as a public service. Sadly, what I just wrote is happening, as you are experiencing now. Their greatest fear was that the shots were not safety tested (improper studies and durations) and they were afraid as could not say what the long-term implications of the injection was going to be and felt there were poison pills they could not comment on. They were very very fearful for children as the proper tests were not and were not being done and they feared the healthy immune system of children, developing, would be damaged by the COVID injections.