'CDC No Longer Recommends Universal Contact Tracing, Case Investigation'; you see this is what we were saying, they will try to 'slink' away, we don't let them, they knew this 2 years ago...that

by Paul Alexander

You never mass test asymptomatic people, or mass quarantine/isolate asymptomatic persons, you do not just mass test; they knew, we told them, the same CDC, we schooled them; rotten inept to the core

So now the CDC is saying para ‘oh dont bother to test etc, just focus on high risk’…these idiots, these dangerous dangerous technocrats, we told them this 2 years ago…we told them and showed them and they knew, the data was stable and they had the evidence, that COVID was amenable to risk stratification and all that was needed was an age-risk stratified approach, a focused protection with focus on the high risk and not the rest of low risk society; they knew we had effective early treatment that could have had 950,000 of the one million who have died…this was about power, greed, power drunk lockdown lunatics, lifting PPE tax payer money, we need to see who got money and who stole money from PPE…as I have said, we open up and then go back fast, and we examine each and every one of these decision makers and anyone shown to have been reckless, misleading, damaging, who costed lives, who knew the real data but ignored etc, who hurt people, then in a proper legal setting, if shown legally, with them the opportunity to defend their actions, but if they did wrong, then we hold them to account, any and all, no matter who.

I fear their polices like Fauci’s and CDC, and NIH, and Bourla and Francis Collins, we need to know all he did…etc. may have damaged our police and military and there may be harms and deaths emerging in the medium and long term, I pray each day for our special populations, our border agents, all of our good people mandated these ineffective and unsafe vaccines…I pray for anyone and for parents to have the strength to say ‘no’.