'CDC Officials Admit Agency Has Withheld Critical Covid Information From the Public, Including Data About Breakthrough Infections, Over Fears of “Vaccine Hesitancy”': I wrote about this to Redfield

by Paul Alexander

I said take down the reports, the MMWR CDC reports are pure junk, utter junk, I read them & I had no control on them other than to suggest to take them down, pure garbage; 1.5 years later you now know

Makary: para ‘the CDC takes slivers of data to make it fit a message they are pushing’.

When Dr. Paul Offit, FDA Advisory Committee Member, urged CDC to tell the truth and present the data to the public, then you know you got a problem.

Ahh, there we go again with the ‘NOBLE Lie’…these corrupted illogical, absurd, irrational, unscientific, and specious technocrats are doing this ‘for our own good’. Hence they can lie to us and we will be ok with that. For we do not know better, we are idiots, we need them to think and decide for us and one day when we do find out, we will thank them for lying and deceiving us and screwing our lives up. This is how these untermensche think of us plebians.

Look, you know I had my run ins with the CDC and press and my role (one of them) was to look over the final reports after CDC wrote them and even posted on their sites…final….and to suggest how to improve…I tried. But the CDC was far gone. I told them its crap, their MMWR reports, pure pseudo-science junk, a political report that could not stand scientific scrutiny…it was laughable and that they were misleading the public and POTUS, any POTUS and administration…needless to say they did not like me pointing out that their work was sub-optimal garbage, masquerading as science. I told them what you are being told now in the press that they mislead and deceive and give you only cherry picked stuff, never the truth, never the full information that is balanced and complete…the difference is I was smeared by the putrid DC media etc. Lets see how they spin this.

It was plain for me to see the CDC is not a public health agency but rather a political tool for whomever is in power. It should be taken down to the studs and fumigated and then relocated from Atlanta to Alcatraz…I think if Trump was re-elected he was going to do that….hhhhmmm, a little bird told me.

CDC withholds information

CDC Officials Admit Agency Has Withheld Critical Covid Information From the Public, Including Data About Breakthrough Infections, Over Fears of “Vaccine Hesitancy”

“Kristen Nordlund, a spokeswoman for the C.D.C., said the agency has been slow to release the different streams of data “because basically, at the end of the day, it’s not yet ready for prime time.” She said the agency’s “priority when gathering any data is to ensure that it’s accurate and actionable.”

Another reason is fear that the information might be misinterpreted, Ms. Nordlund said.”

What a dolt, this person is saying we are keeping the information from you that all the polices failed and the vaccine has failed and is harmful just in case you ‘misinterpret’ that. So do not tell us the truth that the vaccine is ineffective and kills, just keep it from us. We ‘can't handle the truth’.

What a moron. We will interpret it just as we should, that the vaccine has failed. So the vaccines do not work and if we interpret this to mean just that, then we are doing something wrong? What a ding dong. The whole damn CDC agency must be scrapped. And do same to NIH and FDA, down to the very studs. Thank God the truth is coming to light. It is shameful and Rochelle, my God, can one be more inept and clueless and this CDC Director has a skill other CDC Directors never had, or never were in her league, that she lies straight faced with consummate ease. I have never listened to a public health official that lies so straight faced as she. I do think she is qualified and the like. I give her that, but she is a failure as CDC director and the misinformation lying champion, and no one is within striking distance. “Wear that crown, Rochelle. Wear it proudly.”