'CDC Raises Monkeypox Alert, Recommends Masks During Travel, Then Removes Advice'; why did they remove it? this corrupt inept incompetent CDC is at it again...trying desperately to scare you

by Paul Alexander

trying hard to deflect that the focus has to be on men who have sex with men, that group, bisexuals and that behavior and brining it to low risk women etc.; it is not a 'general' population issue

This is political BS as usual, this is a game. The mask issue was a game, probing. The public is onto them.

“Some cases were reported among men who have sex with men. Some cases were also reported in people who live in the same household as an infected person,” it added.”

Paging the idiotic CDC, is the above not two in the same?

The focus is simple: we conduct acute contact tracing, surveillance, focus on the bi-sexual community as it was that group that devastated the heterosexual community when HIV emerged. They, more so that the homosexual community, took HIV home to low risk monogamous women, wives who thought they were in monogamous low-risk sexual relationships. From the time we found HIV turning up in lowest risk pregnant women, pre-and ante-natal etc., then we knew HIV had breached into the heterosexual community, taken into the low risk home by sleezy cheating reckless husbands and males who failed to inform their female partners that they were visiting the bath house or the brothel on the way home and were intimate with both sexes…and was even injecting drugs etc. This is a real problem with such sexually transmitted infections/diseases. Somehow he, the husbands and partners, forgot that part of the details, that he was intimate with other males. This is the group, if we do care and are interested in tamping this down, we focus on. Educate them and PSA them to control their behavior for the time being.

CDC, stop the bull bogus harassment of the rest of the population. Monkeypox is not a general population problem. Stop trying to make it one and no, we do not need masks or to shut things down. Life as normal. The risk to the general public is very low. Moreover, cases so far wherever they have turned up, again due to very close physical contact, are not serious (have recovered very well).


CDC Raises Monkeypox Alert, Recommends Masks During Travel, Then Removes Advice