CDC reports in 713 patients hospitalized for COVID-19, most common conditions were obesity (32%); ages 12–17 yrs 61.4% obese (60.5% severe obesity); among those 5–11 yrs, 33.6% obese (60.4% severe)

by Paul Alexander

I and others have written about this repeatedly, and called on the CDC and NIH leaders to use the podium, we called on Adams under Trump and Murty under Biden; 'crickets'...a real problem

The Surgeon General role should be scrapped, these two ding dongs under Trump and Biden have failed the public especially with misinformation and politics. All the public health leaders squandered 2 years to public service vitamin D supplements and healthier life styles and that obesity had emerged as the super-loaded risk factor behind age…oh, what is that you said “it is too politically incorrect to raise this”…ok…

“Approximately two thirds of patients hospitalized for COVID-19 aged 12–17 years had obesity. Compared with patients without obesity, those with obesity required higher levels and longer duration of care.”

Had these people, these idiotic inept leaders we have closed McDonald’s and left gyms open etc. and schools, we could have saved many lives….we asked them to public service a simple message “cut 10-15 pounds”…it would have saved many lives….we got silence…I personally raised this with Fauci myself and Verma at HHS…crickets….and this is a big problem for minority communities and btw, obesity is not affluence, it actually signals poverty. No one cares, no one, no one in public service, its a money making racket now. Its ‘what's in it for me’. CDC and NIH certainly have no interest in the plight of minorities and black Americans. The health and well-being. None, I was there, they are not at least interested, though employees at CDC I can tell you, are heavily discriminated against and pummeled, with heavy racism. They told me, called me at HHS and wrote me, as I am a minority…they even filed a mass racism claim on CDC. I actually fixed the response from Redfield’s office and Redfield as it was junk, thin, watered down so I made suggestions…I wrote suggestions for Redfield to fix it as it was the typical boiler plate drivel slough off…I think they tossed it out;-) they did not care about fixing the racism at CDC. It is real.

My examination of the literature suggests key players in this COVID-obesity link are:

  1. ACE-2 cell-surface receptors

    ACE 2 is expressed on several organs other than the lungs such as the adipose tissue, heart, kidney, intestine, and blood vessels. This widespread diffusion of ACE 2 in the human body and its affinity for the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein accounts for the multiple clinical manifestations that have been reported so far including the acute respiratory syndrome, but also renal failure, intestinal perforation, and disseminated vascular thrombosis…ACE 2 is largely expressed in adipose tissue and significantly more in visceral than peripheral subcutaneous adipose tissue

  2. leptin

  3. IL-6 (interleukin 6)

Here are applicable references for your review: