CDC trying to put COVID gene injections on children's immunization schedule is not about children needing it, NO, kids have near ZERO risk of severe outcomes; it's to keep LIABILITY protection Moderna

by Paul Alexander

it's about keeping liability protection for Pfizer and Moderna for once the vaccine gets onto the child immunization schedule, the vaccine makers are free from liability if child dies due to the shot

It is that simple. That is why Biden et al. kept extending the emergency powers (and just did again) for it allows mandates like vaccine mandates. They cannot for too long again, it has to end, and once emergency powers are ended, liability protection ends for the vaccine makers and CDC, FDA, NIH and Fauci and Francis Collins and Walensky et al. as per PREP Act Azar devastatingly set up for them in early 2020. So they need another way to get liability protection for children will die in the thousands from these shots and will suffer massive auto-immune reactivity and antibody dependent enhancement of infection and then sadly, disease (ADEI and ADED).

Children’s innate immune systems will be subverted and deranged by these gene injections and will not be afforded the training and education it needs and children will fall victim to a broad range of typically benign infections and conditions, once the COVID vaccinal antibodies subvert and prevent training of their innate immune system via their innate antibodies and natural killer cells. And parents will want answers and rightly so and will demand people be jailed, people like Fauci and Bourla of Pfizer. So they must now get it onto the immunization schedule. That is what CDC is doing, ‘in your face’ for they know who pays the bills e.g. pharma.

The immediate reaction is NO parent, NONE, not one, must allow their child to be vaccinated with these failed and dangerous shot. Not one.