CDC voted 15-0 to put the COVID fraud ineffective harmful non-neutralizing gene injection on the child immunization schedule to escape prosecution, but we still take each dead child to HHS for them

by Paul Alexander

And at the HHS door, when you lay your dead child for children will die from these COVID injections, you call out for the Secretary, peacefully & civilly, and stay there, and ask "what do we do now"?

The CDC’s ACIP is a kangaroo court. Junk scientific oversight.

Do you know what time it is? It is time for you to consider a new business, such as opening your own home-schooling business. We will need lots for parents will not stand for this.

As I said, take you child after they died from the COVID shot, to HHS, and you ask the security there to go get the HHS Secretary. And stand there calmly, peacefully and civilly.

This is about getting answers.

Take your dead child to them and ask ‘what’s next?”

And take each dead child post COVID vaccine, to the steps of the capital, take them there, and call out congress, yes, with cameras there, live stream it all over, peacefully and civilly, all you mothers that will have children to bury due to these shots, take them, go to the gates of the White House peacefully and civilly and call for the President. Go to the gates of NIAID and call out for Fauci and Francis Collins at the NIH gates.

Peacefully and civilly and ask them “now we did it, you forced us to, what do we do now for Suzie is dead from the shot”.

Yes, the vote 15 to 0 was more to protect themselves for they know the dead will increase and kids will die form these. They know. They know they have lots to answer for. We must never ever forget them and never let them go. We hound them down and get them into a legal forum, proper legal inquiry, proper, legal, with proper forums and we seek a proper civil examination of all their policies. All. Every single one of them! No matter who they are. And we jail all, we give them deep jail time once it is shown they costed lives.