CDC & WHO, take heads out your ASSES! LGBTQ & GAY community SPAIN take lead globally Warning Everyone & advocating Abstinence to Fight Monkeypox; calls for abstinence & the limiting of sexual partners

by Paul Alexander

After Spain recorded its first monkeypox-related death on Saturday...the country’s gay community sprung into action to battle the virus whether in abstinence, avoiding nightclubs, limiting partners

“With this monkey thing, I prefer to be careful. … I don’t have sex anymore, I don’t go to parties anymore, and that’s until I’m vaccinated and have some immunity,” 35-year-old Madrid resident Antonio told the outlet.

Antonio, who declined to give his last name, said that he would frequently attend nightclubs and the occasional sex party prior to the monkeypox outbreak, which primarily has infected men who have sex with men. He also said that the world would have acted faster if monkeypox were not a “queer disease.”

“This is not like Covid, the vaccine already exists, there’s no need to invent it. If it wasn’t a queer disease, we would have acted more — and faster,” said Antonio, who waited as long as three weeks to receive the vaccine due to the high volume of appointments.”


The LGBTQ community in Spain has advocated abstinence and the limiting of sexual partners to fight the monkeypox outbreak.