'CDC withholds large amounts of key COVID-19 data': says we will mis-interpret it & will cause vaccine hesitancy; what a load of BS garbage, its ineffective & harmful Pfizer/Moderna vaccines, STUPID!

by Paul Alexander

It's not our mis-interpretation...is the CDC showing us how idiotic and inept and corrupt they are? our interpretation is bang on! the vaccines are failed and harmful, the vaccine causes the hesitancy

Older story but it is important to evidence the duplicity of CDC. For if you want to stop vaccine hesitancy, then stop the vaccine, you technocrats at CDC. We are at a juncture, it is either these people at NIH and CDC are purely inept, or malfeasant. One or the other. I am unsure which at this time. But each time I try to calm down, all roads lead to malfeasance.

This is very serious for on account of these COVID vaccines, there will likely be a dramatic decline in vaccine update. Across the board.

CDC withholds large amounts of key COVID-19 data