CDC, you tell us this now? Now? After the death & destruction you CDC, NIH, FDA, Fauci, Birx, Francis Collins, Walensky et al. caused? Now you admit no difference between vaccinated & unvaccinated?

by Paul Alexander

But you killed tens of thousands by your inept lockdown lunacy so what are we supposed to do now? The millions who were fired & millions took the injection to keep working, to school! You admit now?

So we all were smeared and attacked and fired and lives destroyed for nothing? No difference between the vaccinated and unvaccinated? But I myself have written countless papers on this, spoken about this, many other brave scientists have and we were cancelled, we were vilified by the media and idiotic inept television medical experts and the CDC and NIH and FDA officials. By our own governments. Yet CDC can now say that there is no difference and just carry on?

What happens to the millions of us who were ostracized and removed from society or from getting medical care etc. and were denied, were just living normal lives because we felt we were already COVID recovered and did not need the vaccine or just did not want it due to our own preferences and own personal risk assessment? What about all of us who were destroyed by the lockdown lunacy? You the CDC are seeing that the high vaccination rate nations having the greatest infections, cases, and deaths, so you now think there is a problem? When the low vaccination rate nation have little infection and death. Now you see this when I and others have told you this for one year now?

So exactly what does CDC say now?

CDC’s COVID-19 prevention recommendations no longer differentiate based on a person’s vaccination status because breakthrough infections occur, though they are generally mild (16), and persons who have had COVID-19 but are not vaccinated have some degree of protection against severe illness from their previous infection (17)’.

Wow! Something I and other were saying well over a year now! Because we were actually reading the data and science. I mean if you read this updated statement below (reported in the media), it is near exactly what we have said for over one year now.


"Both prior infection and vaccination confer some protection against severe illness, and so it really makes the most sense to not differentiate with our guidance or our recommendations based on vaccination status at this time," Dr. Massetti told reporters.”