CDC's Dr. Rochelle Walensky told us in one statement that the PCR test is pure garbage, they KNEW it is over-cycled & FALSE POSITIVES; e.g Dr. REDFIELD told me in person, 6 ft had '0' science; made up

by Paul Alexander

97% of positive tests the last 2 years were false; This one sentence should tell us that COVID is over, OMICRON killed it DOA, its on life support now, and Rochelle let the cat out of the bag

Closing schools harm children (see my op-ed in Brownstone). There is no evidence that closing schools are effective in COVID or masks in children are effective, in fact, it is crushingly harmful.

How could we impose vaccines, these vaccines, that are not proven safe, on our military, our police? How, as this can render them inoperable in the future. I support the military refusing to take these vaccines and if they have thus far, those who have, to refuse boosters. These vaccines do not work and are shown now ineffective. They have been harmful to many persons and the vaccine developers did not conduct the proper studies to clarify the at-risk groups for adverse outcomes (groups contraindicated for) or the proper duration of follow-up.

These views are mines. It is grounded in the belief that the vast majority of the academic scientific research community and medical doctors have failed and been corrupted in some sense by their own biases and weakness and lack of courage and maybe even fear. A failure to use their own clinical judgement and discretion. When have you ever heard of sick people not being offered ANY treatment and sent home to ‘wait and see’ and ‘worsen in place’? Corrupted by grant money and fear of losing it so bought off ‘silence’. I think I am right. Many have told be that this is why they are silent, they know I and others are right but cannot speak or write like us for they will lose their appointments, licenses will be threatened, and would lose research grants. I get mails and calls daily, I would say in the last 1.5 years, about 3,000 mails from doctors and scientists globally telling me to not stop and to push others too and that we do not stop, and that we speak for them, that they are silenced but are behind us.

They, the US COVID Task Force political clown car (save Brett Giroir IMO) created something that was not real. They created a disaster that ‘was not’. CDC destroyed the response day one with a flawed botched diagnostic test that had the US flying blinded to the pathogen for 5 weeks and thank God for Giroir. The ineptness he had to deal with at CDC is a mountain we just cannot climb.

You have to understand my thinking, in that if this was credible, if this was a pathogen with heavy mortality, if this was SARS-1 or MERS with 10% and 40% mortality or something as severe and contagious, then I would help promote these failed policies. And I accepted that we needed a few weeks to constrain to understand the pathogen (I myself in the first weeks like you did not know and the images out of China and Italy were frightening) but we knew by middle of April 2020 what we were dealing with and all that was done was flat wrong! COVID is serious to high-risk persons and elderly etc. and remains so, especially morbid obesity emerged as the super-loaded risk factor. Age remains the principle risk even without underlying medical conditions.

The question is, do you and for how long, impose what was done on the rest of society? Is this justified? On children and healthy people? On low-risk people? When we had early treatment that worked, we knew who the high risk group was and could target our response, and we learnt quickly how to manage. And we were quickly getting wind of the crushing harms from the lockdowns and school closures and that none of it was working in any effective manner. That is the question. Why? To appear to be doing something? Children get physically and sexually abused and it is captured in schools often and closing schools harms children. Children starve when schools are closed? Where is the science to keep schools closed when my op-ed showed 75 pieces of evidence that closing schools are ineffective and harmful.

What these COVID Task Forces did was immoral and a crime, I said it, what was done is and was criminal. We have to get accountability.

Omicron is the way out, it is a gift telling us ‘take me to get out of this’…let us hope this is it and it looks like this by all the data around us….IMO COVID is done! It is infectious but Omicron is non-pathogenic. Very very mild.

There must not be in this case NOW, or never any such lockdowns or school closures, NOT for something like this…no more lockdowns, no more school closures. No mask mandates, none work or worked.

The CDC, take it down to the studs and call in the fumigators, fire top down deep into the inept technocracy, a bunch of idiots and morons and the most unscientific so called ‘experts’…a purely political agency, the old CDC was great and if it can get back there, we keep, if not, shut it down…worthless.

All for vaccines, and by extension, vaccine passports….dont worry, if they fail as it seems they are this time, they will try again…so you got to know we have to defeat this fully and grind it into the ground…when we get out boots on the necks of this travesty, we never ever take it off…and we go back, and we investigate, a proper commission and we hold to account any and all who profited and did wrong in this, if it is shown in proper legal inquiry and we JAIL them for a long time. For each death due to their corrupt crooked policies…no matter who or what level…or how connected.

The real question is how could these vaccine developers and CDC and NIH so called ‘experts’ bring a vaccine that does not work? You have to thus ask, was this doomed to fail from the start? Was it to hang on Trump 2nd term? Were these going to be his harms and deaths from vaccines but under Biden, crickets??

The vaccine has failed! You are boosting with something that CANNOT work! It is that simple. You locked down and waited in fear for vaccine thinking you could vaccinate yourself out of this; FALSE; I and others told you this 2 years ago and they accomplished two grave things while at it, while at deepening the illogical and crushing lockdowns: they savaged their society and people as many died due to the lockdowns and school closures and you denied your population the capacity to move closer to population level herd immunity…today, those societies are paying the price.

Hhhhmmmm, I wonder if Rochelle understood what she actually said here? and yes you heard it from me, Dr. Redfield (my dealings were good with him, treated me well and smart guy, IMO smart and benevolent, just weak in terms of handling the CDC under him) told me on a walk to the elevator in HHS one day, as I asked him when I got there where is the science on the 6 foot social distancing rule, as I wanted to see the studies; he looked at me and chuckled and said para ‘science, Paul, there is no science, we made it up, some were calling for 1 foot, some 3, some 12 etc. so we went with 6, no science Paul’...

This was the entire pandemic response, they used NO science for anything and to test that, each time any of them spoke, you should have asked them for the study or evidence to back that up…notice no media asked that for all were in on it, there was NONE! In fact there was science, but there was a pure disregard of it!

This is why I can state constantly that these nest 6 lies and falsehoods and fallacies were used to create and drive this so called pandemic; all lies and they had zero evidence to back it up:

  1. that we were all at equal risk for severe outcome if exposed; this lie helped hobble and IMO doomed the pandemic response day 1; had parents thinking 5 year old Suzie was at same risk as 90 year old grandpa with 2 medical conditions when we had data showing us COVID was purely amenable to risk stratification and an age-risk stratified approach was optimal and it was dangerous to use a carte blanche approach (the difference in risk of death between old and child was 1000 fold); it was a lie and was set out first by the clown car COVID TASK FORCE to get you compliant to wear masks and lock down for vaccines

  2. that there is asymptomatic spread…a lie and fallacy…we can find no definitive evidence of this…you do not transmit if not symptomatic…a lie and there is no science and if it occurs, very very rare and meant to mislead and scare you to mask and lock down for vaccines.

  3. that there is recurrent infection…there is talk of this with omicron, we argue no, faulty interpretation and use of tests…a lie and there is no science and if it occurs, very very rare, and meant to mislead and scare you to mask and lock down for vaccines.

  4. that the PCR test is credible when they knew that anything over a cycle count threshold (Ct) of 24 was bogus, non-infectious sample, non-viable…they knew this yet set the Ct at 40 and above…95% to near all ‘positives’ were false positives…yes, they closed schools, universities, business etc. falsely and suffered people and people died for they hung themselves due to the unsound policies…we had the data; and meant to mislead and scare you to mask and lock down for vaccines. They used the bogus PCR test and fake positive data daily to spook Trump…they created something that was no real.

  5. that vaccine immunity was superior to natural immunity and that your immunity was being lost when your blood antibodies waned; all a lie; a 11th GRADE biology student knew this

  6. that there was no early treatment for COVID; this was a lie day one for we had therapeutics that could cut hospitalization and death by 90%; 750,000 of the 800,000 Americans dead today, our parents, our grand parents, died due to the government, the TASK FORCE, Fauci, Collins, NIH, CDC, and medical doctors refusing to recognize safe and effective treatment and doctors refusing to be brave and courageous, and failing to exercise their clinical judgement and independence and put their patients first…

So over to Rochelle, the star of this offering…and she said one day ago or so:

“Many are asking why do we not require a test at the end of the five days of isolation for those who are infected.  We know that PCR testing would not be helpful in this setting, as people can remain PCR positive for up to 12 weeks after infection and long after they are transmissible and infectious.” 

Who made this statement?

Why, none other than Dr. Rochelle Walensky, CDC Director. This was the kill shot. I do not think she was smart enough to understand what she did. She spoke the truth but killed the goose that was laying her the golden eggs for the last year…she killed COVID in its tracks on December 29th 2021 when she said this (

So how many of the millions and billions of positive tests were actually positive, since this insanity began? We know that cycle count thresholds (Ct) above 24 denotes viral dust and fragments and not infectious, viable virus. Yet CDC and elsewhere over cycled the test to 40 and above. Above 35 had a 97% false positive rate.

Rochelle has some explaining to do.