CDC's (Walensky's) & WHO's continued failure to stop MONKEYPOX expansion playing political correctness games; tell GAY & bisexual males NO anal sex or contact for 3 weeks! Anorectal Swabs in Asymp MSM

by Paul Alexander

Detection of Monkeypox Virus in Anorectal Swabs From Asymptomatic Men Who Have Sex With Men in a STD Screening Program in Paris, France; heightens concerns about asymptomatic monkeypox spread

The CDC, Fauci, Walensky, Francis Collins et al. have played dangerous games with the GAY and bisexual community and this French study raises very serious questions now about expansion of the virus to the low risk general heterosexual population etc. All that was needed on day one was acute contact tracing and clear messages to the high-risk community that there is to be no anal sex, no intimacy, no physical touching, skin to skin etc. No activity that could burst the infected blisters or touching of the scabs etc. But the CDC is woke, it is ‘politically correct’ so when Walensky tells you that the CDC wants to fix it’s usual devastating corrupted behaviors, it’s lack of competence etc., she is talking bull and this monkeypox is an example. They at CDC either have no clue what they are doing or are doing this deliberately. Chose which one. Now we are faced with possible asymptomatic spread.



Detection of Monkeypox Virus in Anorectal Swabs From Asymptomatic Men Who Have Sex With Men in a Sexually Transmitted Infection Screening Program in Paris, France

Retrospectively performed testing for MPXV on all anorectal swabs that were collected…performed every 3 months among men who have sex with men with multiple sexual partners who are either taking HIV preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) or living with HIV and receiving antiretroviral treatment.

‘This report documents positive MPXV PCR results from anal samples in asymptomatic MSM. Whether this indicates viral shedding that can lead to transmission is unknown. If so, the practice of ring postexposure vaccination around symptomatic persons with probable or confirmed MPXV infection may not be sufficient to contain spread. Recent French recommendations have advised vaccination for all MSM with multiple partners.’


Study heightens concerns about asymptomatic monkeypox spread