CELL study (2021) showed potency of NATURAL infection-acquired immunity being protective, robust & long-lasting with long-term antibody responses, memory B & T cells (& CD8+ T targeting nucleoprotein)

by Paul Alexander

This was one of many studies shown in my Brownstone seminal paper on natural immunity being superior to vaccinal immunity, then why didn't vaccine makers use nucleoprotein (conserved) as a target?



Pfizer and Moderna etc. used the spike protein on the viral ball as the ONLY immune antibody target and they knew this would fail for it was highly mutable. It is as if the vaccine was designed to fail so that it would be a clear mismatch (due to the highly mutable spike) with each booster (due to immune imprinting, fixation, original antigenic sin, tolerance, immune escape) and thus constant sub-optimal population immune pressure on the target antigen, with viral immune escape as well as antibody-dependent enhancement of infection and/or disease. This is exactly what has materialized post COVID gene injection shot. A pure failure and it is deadly too. This mRNA gene injection has proven deadly, with evidence also of heightening risk for cancer metastasis etc. Why? Why did vaccine makers not utilize more conserved proteins (less mutable) on or within the virus like the nucleoprotein to derive the immune response? What they did continues to make absolutely no sense.

‘Virus-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T cells are polyfunctional and maintained with an estimated half-life of 200 days. Interestingly, CD4+ T cell responses equally target several SARS-CoV-2 proteins, whereas the CD8+ T cell responses preferentially target the nucleoprotein, highlighting the potential importance of including the nucleoprotein in future vaccines.’