Children WILL die from the COVID VACCINES; FDA approved the vaccine booster today for 12-15 year olds; let me warn you again, the underpinning studies were methodological GARBAGE, no safety!

by Paul Alexander

Children WILL die from these vaccines, this mass vaccination; I have no reason to think otherwise based on what has happened in adults, see CDC's VAERS database, see EUDRAvigilance European system

Before my sharing, I wanted to raise it again: it is the mass vaccination of populations, mass aggressive rapid vaccination of thousands/millions, not targeted to specific at-risk groups (smaller), I mean ‘mass’, while the pandemic is ongoing (across the population), and as such virus is circulating e.g. Omicron and Delta, that places tremendous ‘infectious pressure’ on the population; as the virus is pressing on the population and virus is trying to infect especially if it is highly contagious, we have the immune system of the population in response, trying to ‘mount’, trying to build in response and it is this mounting immune pressure that is not yet mature and complete, it is ‘sub-optimal’ and it is even the wrong antibodies as the Wuhan strain is long gone, so the antibodies cannot neutralize these variants, and in the face of infectious pressure, during the mass vaccination, that forces the virus to adapt and evolve.

We disregarded the evolutionary capacity of the virus to evolve under these massive ongoing pressures, especially the mounting sub-optimal immature immune pressure, and as such, you are not defeating the virus but only poking it…this is a huge catastrophic mistake by FDA, CDC, NIH and all involved…you are pushing back at it with ‘non-sterilizing’ non-neutralizing vaccine and antibodies (that do not stop infection or transmission), so it responds, its knows you are trying to mount fully and defeat it but it detects the weakness and so ‘natural selection’ will ‘select’ the ‘fittest’ variants from among emerging variants. Variants that could surmount the sub-optimal immature immunity being mounting. Remember, if we were talking about antibodies that were mature and fully complete and mounted post vaccination, that is a different story. We are talking about you are vaccinating as virus is infecting, quickly, at the same time, and the antibodies have not yet the chance to be fully developed and deployed. You are loading weapons (antibodies) on a battlefield as the enemy is attacking you (the virus). That is the variants ‘most fit’ to survive into the future and infect as many hosts as possible, not lethal variants, those are culled out. Natural selection will pull (select) the highly infectious variants (as the virus engages in immune escape and infects members of the population, variants emerge in each of the infected persons as the genetic copying mechanism is highly unstable in virus, single-stranded RNA, the spell checking or proof reading enzymes do not properly ‘fix’ misaligned bases as they are copied)…and there is where with natural selection, the fittest most infectious variant alike Delta or Omicron, emerges or emerged.

It will happen again. More variants, over and over. We are driving this with this sub-optimal dangerous vaccine and roll-out. As long as we continue mass vaccination in the midst of ongoing viral spread (as we are doing now and did in the near past since February/March 2021) with massive virus infectious pressure using non-sterilizing vaccines that do not sterilize the virus (do not stop transmission or infection). We will get more and more variants emerging and the danger is not just infectious ones, but a deadly one may emerge. Yes, it is the vaccine program that is driving the variant emergence and those nations with mass vaccination with very rapid vaccine. The mass vaccination increases the risk of escape from vaccine-induced immunity with potentially dangerous consequences. ‘Rare’ but a real possibility that a deadly variant will emerge and that is why we warn and call for immediate hard stop to the vaccine roll-out. We call for no vaccine in our children for on top of this (as just described), we can damage their (children’s) potent natural innate immune system which protects them usually from a broad array of pathogen. Vaccinal antibodies can suppress and subvert, outcompete their innate antibodies, leaving them defenseless. A warning.

Update: We are seeing it again here and it is due to the vaccine (no indication yet about transmissibility or symptoms, to be updated):

A new pre-print titled “Emergence in Southern France of a new SARS-CoV-2 variant of probably Cameroonian origin harbouring both substitutions N501Y and E484K in the spike protein” reports a new variant with 46 mutations and 37 deletions resulting in 30 amino acid substitutions and 12 deletions.


With this open, the focus here is on the FDA’s approval of vaccine for younger children. This is the text in case the website removes this…we have had actual papers published by journals who then removed it.

My view is clear, children will die from these vaccines and why? The proper safety studies were never done by Pfizer and Moderna and the FDA has never warranted these which is a failure by the FDA.

So we do not know how the vaccines will behave long-term. We do not know the safety for our children. But we know that adults, middle age persons, working aged persons have suffered great harms from these vaccines and died. Importantly, children have natural protections such as limited ACE 2 receptors in the nasal passage/nostrils) that has protected them in terms of readily infecting them. The virus uses the ACE 2 to gain access to the host cell to infect. The biological molecular apparatus is simply not there in the nasopharynx of children as reported eloquently by Patel and Bunyavanich. By bypassing this natural protection (limited nasal ACE 2 receptors in young children) and entering the shoulder deltoid, this could release vaccine, its mRNA and LNP content (e.g. PEG), and generated spike into the circulation that could then damage the endothelial lining of the blood vessels (vasculature) and cause severe allergic reactions (e.g. here, here, here, here, here).

Why would we bypass this and enter the deltoid and introduce spike direct into the circulation where we know that the spike damages the endothelial layer of blood vessels.

Why? When it crosses the blood-brain barrier and we know it. When we see vaccine content accumulates in the male testis, female ovaries, adrenals (Japanese FOIA information)….we have the science-animal data too. We have the Ogata Harvard study showing the spike enters the blood stream 1 day post vaccine. We have data by Patterson showing the components of the spike stays in the blood 15 months post infection and thus infer the same happens for the spike protein. We have the science. We are very concerned that the vaccinal antibodies can suppress or outcompete the innate antibodies of children’s innate immune system that serves to protect them against a broad range of pathogen. Loske et al. deepened our understanding of this natural type biological/molecular protection even further by showing that pre-activated (primed) antiviral innate immunity in the upper airways of children work to control early SARS-CoV-2 infection…resulting in a stronger early innate antiviral response to SARS-CoV-2 infection than in adults.”

The innate antibodies (along with with innate natural killer cells of the innate immune system in children and young people, first line of immune defense) work to protect children always and vaccinal antibodies will suppress these innate antibodies and children will get COVID virus, as well as other infections etc. Children can also become super spreaders accumulating massive infection/viral load. This is a dangerous move by the FDA.

I warn again, children will potentially die from these vaccines. Adult have and children will! No public health official has proven otherwise. They have no safety data to support these vaccines in children.

See my Brownstone op-ed on why children are already vaccinated and why must be left alone:

See CBS:

FDA authorizes COVID vaccine booster shots for Americans as young as 12

“Millions of Americans as young as 12 could soon be able to get a booster shot of COVID-19 vaccine, after the Food and Drug Administration announced Monday that it has authorized third doses of Pfizer-BioNTech's shot for that age group. 

The FDA also said it would allow for children as young as 5 with compromised immune systems to get an additional shot. And the agency shortened the amount of time between a person's second dose of the Pfizer vaccine and being eligible for a booster to five months instead of six months for all age groups.

"Based on the FDA's assessment of currently available data, a booster dose of the currently authorized vaccines may help provide better protection," especially against the Omicron variant, said Dr. Peter Marks, the FDA's top vaccines official. 

"With this in mind, the FDA has extended the range of individuals eligible to receive a booster, shortened the length of time between the completion of the Pfizer primary series for individuals to receive a booster and is authorizing a third protective vaccine dose for some of our youngest and most vulnerable individuals."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention must also adopt formal recommendations before the third shots can be rolled out to younger recipients. That decision could come later this week, following a meeting of the agency's outside vaccine experts.

The FDA said it based the decision on promising data from Israel, which rolled out booster shots for residents as young as 12 there in August, for those who had received their second dose at least five months earlier. “