by Paul Alexander

Taiwan, Spratly islands & Malacca, three prizes for China & Russia has emboldened China; this situation has massive implications if not handled successfully; we have Beavis & Butt-head in Pennsylvania

No doubt, there is lots you and I do not know and beyond our pay grade. But I have followed Ukraine for years especially Holomodor genocide. This was a man-made famine in Ukraine that lasted from 1932-33.

Putin’s speech today is very chilling. We should not discount each word in this speech.

Putin speech

How much are we screwed? I do not as a small global citizen get concerned, but now I am. And know that my mind wanders on things other than COVID, I have to, to live in this world.

Now China has got the green card to flex…who will stop them? Who? Joey? We have Joey reading off a cue card discussing possible war, so you can imagine I am overly confident. And we have created a devastating alliance, and it is why driving China and Russia together is so dangerous. Where is Dick Nixon when we need him?

I am not a supporter of what he has done, in fact, what he has done violates so much and is causing ruthless pain and suffering and death, of innocent people too, and you may say he has gone nuts, but if the man tells you do not come near his border and give him assurance you will stop the UKRAINE NATO expansion, then stop it. What the hell is wrong with you?

Why not consider telling him what he needs to hear especially if this was always a ‘no-go’. Why play games with him, the second most powerful nuclear armed nation. Why?

He told you stop playing little boy games. And we do have little boys in the State Department pulling fuzz balls from their navels. Real little boys. They should not even be there representing the greatest nation USA. Talking smack when if Putin walked into the same room with them they will piss themselves.

Sick as he is, he told you. Would you like Mexico to put a Russian base on Mexican soil? On the US border? Of course this will be a certain act of war, so same here. You will take this as provocation and an act of war and will go to war even to stop that. Then what do we have here? Why did people push this and cause this? As wrong as he may be, you did this by your political provocative games. Sick as he is and deranged in killing people just like that, suffering these people, but listen to the man. Do not go around provoking people. He told you many times he does not understand why people are not taking him seriously. Just give the man what he wants, do not sit back like ‘you got game’ in this when you got ‘no game’. In this. What are you going to do? You think those sanctions will hurt him? No, only brutal war can but we cannot have that. We risk full out nuclear war involving other nations like Pakistan and India who have wanted to pelt some nukes around for decades now….

Putin in one move has neutered the whole world for no one will blink for no one, rightly wants world war so why dither and flex like you got game, again, with no game, you be ball-less in this, while innocent people are killed? Yes, he is a madman, and yes must be sanctioned for what has happened, and pay a price in the international world, but you provoked it with your games and whispers and IMO, what he is asking for is straightforward. And Ukraine IMO is not in the interest of the whole world now to go to war.

In this, I want the Ukrainian people to wage battle unseen before, defend their lives, defend their land with all they have. Fight to defend yourself with your very all.

To me, not too late, call Donald if you people dont what what the hell you are doing and let him help stop the blood shed. Donald has a way with Vlad. If Vlad needs to be assured on western NATO expansion, then IMO, to save lives, you assure the man. And stop the games on his border.

Now look what you have done. Not only did you piss off Vlad and he has now acted a fool, you have opened pandora’s box and others may decide to come out to play too. Sit back, look at what China will do next with these 3 prizes, one of them being Taiwan:

Spratly islands

Spratly Is since NalGeoMaps.png

The sharp turn to the Far East, often referred to as the “pivot”, has brought to light China’s secretive attempts to gain ownership of the straits of the South China Sea, mainly by staking claim of several of the Spratly Islands. A central question is “what role do the Spratly Islands play in China's attempts to dominate the South China Sea, more specifically in the One Belt One Road initiative?” The argument that the Spratly Islands are significant is a logical one: as the Spratly Islands are located in the South China Sea, which sees trade that passes through it, specifically the oil, tripling the amount that passes through the Suez Canal, and almost fifteen times the amount that passes through the Panama Canal, it would follow that in order for China to increase its economic (both through trade, and natural resources), diplomatic (the One Belt One Road initiative), and military influence throughout the South China Sea, it would need to gain and maintain dominance in the region.

Malaccan straight