China ‘began stockpiling PPE months before Covid outbreak’; the question is 'why'? What did Fauci & Francis Collins & Azar & WHO know then about COVID virus? Baric & Daszak? Birx? They knew, 100% KNEW

by Paul Alexander

We were getting reports of a massive OCCURRENCE in Wuhan, all hospitals, carparks filled in 2019, why? Cell phone records have hundreds of thousands of calls in & out of Wuhan then, why?

China also started to buy up global PPE stocks in Europe, Australia and the US around the same time, experts say.

China began severely restricting the export of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gowns and masks, months before notifying the world of the outbreak of Covid-19, it has emerged.

PPE exports to the US fell by around 50 per cent between August and September of 2019, in a significant drop which raised alarm bells at key US government agencies.


China ‘began stockpiling PPE months before Covid outbreak’