China: "Don't touch foreigners to reduce monkeypox risk, says senior Chinese health official"; this actually is better advice than US's corrupted CDC & NIH gives

by Paul Alexander

They, China, seem to forget that they, China, with Fauci & Collins et al. unleashed COVID on the world; maybe should have warned the world not to touch Chinese in January 2020 or 2019 or 2018?

Maybe no direct skin to skin with Chinese for a while as we still sort out the virus you sent to the world with your illicit furin cleavage site coronavirus Wuhan lab work with Fauci and Baric and Daszak? Maybe???

But their warning is much better than CDC’s. What a bunch of useful dolts at CDC. Have the Chinese showing them up, the Chinese? Telling us about ‘healthy lifestyles’…hold my food as I go laugh for about an hour…China is lecturing us on healthy lifestyles.


This remains exclusively near 100%, an illness among the GAY community.