CHINA in big trouble & cannot get out of the box they put themselves in, the government & public health leaders are psychotic insane idiots! ZERO-COVID madness, failed VACCINE, no background immunity

by Paul Alexander

The idiots, the morons there do not understand, extending & hardening lockdowns i)is worthless ii)destroy society, nothing left to emerge to iii)denies natural exposure immunity & thus herd iv) starve

By locking down so hard, you place the virus under massive pressure and it will evolve and adapt to any pressure you place on it, evolving (via selection mutational pressure) its infectiousness and virulence.

The Chinese government is setting up the population for a nightmare as have little background immunity to rely on in the future and thus with ZERO COVID, will never ever open up, as will always have infection, these are what we can call ‘BRANCH Covidians’, similar to the Branch Davidians as both were and are being killed by their own governments, needlessly.


China lockdowns