China is in trouble with COVID omicron (soon BQ.1.1) because its lockdowns have been too long & too harsh (like Australia et al.) so its population has NO (near zero) background natural immunity

by Paul Alexander

China must URGENTLY stop ZERO-COVID madness, open up, strongly protect vulnerable persons, use early treatment, rest of low-risk society to live free to become infected to then get to herd immunity

The most valuable entity today, most precious gift you can ever have today, November 29th 2022, is an immune system that has not been vaccinated/primed using the COVID gene injections. If you have faced the last 3 years and no vaccine, and you did the right things and stood strong, you have a prize inside you that is priceless, worth billions. The vaccinated will give anything to have your prize.

China is about to explode with COVID infections. Situation is ripe now and on the edge, the lockdowns hurt them badly and now created a tinderbox.

UNLESS, they know more than they are letting on, they know something about this virus and thus the insane response. Maybe?


No COVID vaccine needed, none.


Too many susceptibles, too much lockdown, a dangerous situation and they must have early antiviral, steroid, and anti-coagulant medications stockpiled.

Open up. It is the only way, no ZERO-COVID will ever work.

Message to Xi:

1)strongly protect the vulnerable in aged homes etc.

2)get early treatment available in the ready for any high-risk who gets infected

3)Vit D3

4)no vaccine

5)no ventilator

6)let the rest of China free (low risk healthy persons) to face the pathogen, become infected naturally and harmlessly, and go on with life. You will get to herd immunity to end the situation but you must cut the chain of transmission. You only cut the chain of transmission if enough of population has immunity via either vaccine, natural exposure, or both. The vaccine is a failure. Go natural immunity way. FAST.

Forget the Y-axis scale but this is what it is going to look like in China with hundreds of millions getting infected rapidly now with omicron.