"China Is Walking Back Virus Loosening Weeks After Reopening"; the lockdown lunatics are trying again, with ZERO Covid to force US to lockdown as elections loom cough cough 'mail ins' cough cough

by Paul Alexander

This lockdown is wrong, was always wrong, will NEVER work; protect the vulnerable; push too by Pfizer Moderna to get FDA to give approval mRNA vax; when kids die, mothers will take up pitchforks

I have always said, sadly, it will take some healthy children to die from these vaccines and it will happen, 100% these mRNA vaccines, these vaccines will harm and kill healthy children and it is then, that American mothers will stand up. It is the American mother, and I argue minority American mothers, who will save this and us when their child dies. It is the American mother who will take to the streets when her healthy child dies post shot, it is coming.

Fauci, Walensky, Bourla, Bancel, Marks, Francis Collins, CDC, NIH, NIAID, FDA officials, they all know, based on the data, based on what they know behind the scenes and what has happened since roll out, they know full well, that healthy children who do not need these COVID vaccines, who are at near zero risk of severe illness from COVID, will die from the injections, post shot. They know.

That’s the cost of doing business! Smart people who are just plain corruptible. God help anyone when people come to learn that they knew the vaccine was harmful and deadly. All along. And their people died, NEEDLESSLY!


China Is Walking Back Virus Loosening Weeks After Reopening