China lockdown of Chengdu, utter madness AGAIN! We can't take it! Brawls break out and shelves stripped bare as Chinese city heads for 'strictest lockdown'; THIS WILL FAIL, no lockdown has EVER worked

by Paul Alexander

Images started to circulate on Chinese social media site, Weibo after the lockdown was announced, showing people climbing over each other in supermarkets and cars packed with supplies; ZERO COVID

The Chinese government should get up on the science. This will fail as have all lockdowns globally. You only suffer your population, deny natural immunity and inching toward herd immunity, have no society to re-emerge to, and the virus evolves and adapts to the pressure you are placing on it. It remains illogical and non-sensical. The only model is to properly protect your high-risk vulnerable populations e.g. elderly, and use early treatment, use Vitamin D3 etc., and allow thee rest of your society to live normal lives. Omicron BA.5 is akin to the common cold. They have had 2.5 years to prepare hospitals etc.

My sense is the left and lockdown lunatics want this to be the daily life of Americans. It is this that we fight them on, fight them hard and as long as they remained trapped in their lunacy! The left wants this for the elections again, we ensure it never happens again! Thank God Americans are waking up! We have more work to do however!