'China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign': this is a key paper published in 2020 and shows the duplicity and lies and deceit of China and WHO et al. in deceiving the world on COVID

by Paul Alexander

Inside the CCP’s use of social media bots and other disinformation tactics to promote its own response to the coronavirus pandemic and attack its critics; it was all a lie to drive US to lockdown

An election is US is coming, so China will lockdown as it has so that the US can again. Stand by.

I do not believe this COVID emerged in Feb 2020, nor September 2019, I think this virus was out in 2018 even, early 2019 latest…

Trump blinked…this was one of the pressures he was under, with ‘falling down man’ photo that was fake, the Italy photos of dead people on the pavement and in hallways of Italy hospitals (not telling us the median age at death in Italy was 83 years with 3 underlying medical conditions, high COPD, very bad insufficient hospital surge capacity in Italy, heavy smokers etc.), and the triple hydra coming at him at once to side swipe him and hurt him

i) China lying no human to human

ii) WHO covering up lying saying no human to human in China and

iii) Fauci then on 2-3 talk shows at the same time early 2020 saying no big deal with this, nothing to see here…this is not a problem for Americans, yes Fauci said this…

and then he had to contend with scarf lady and her curves…you know, her epi curves, you know the epi curves that were bull sh*t based on the moronic idiot out of Imperial, Neil Ferguson. What a dolt, what a failed dimwit.

I have to give POTUS Trump praise for withstanding these horsemen, but I argue he locked down China too late and Europe way too late…he should have locked doors to Europe much earlier. I am saying as I see it, he closed China late and closed Europe too late but I give credit. There was politics on deck and he fought a Task Force of deadly clowns out to subvert his every move. They did subvert him, lead by Fauci and Birx, with the help of the media and a bogus failed PCR over-cycled test and the devastating failure of CDC as they botched the initial 5 weeks of testing, exposing the US and had them flying blind for 5 weeks as the virus seeded on the eastern and western flanks. The botched CDC test hobbled and damaged the response and I give credit to Giroir for treading water. Him I admired.


China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign

This photo was a lie, a fake by China to force US to lockdown.