China welded, yes, sealed people shut in their homes with metal welding to control coronavirus; this happened and is happening; this is what happens in a dictatorial communist socialist nation; here??

by Paul Alexander

Coming here???? This is what we thought was a 'great response'? I warn again, it is the vaccine that is driving variants and infections; the vaccine MUST be stopped to stop this pandemic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coronavirus: Residents 'welded' inside their own homes in China

What you should also know is that in Africa, it was hit hard by virus (high sero), had lowest vaccine rates, and low mortality rates…

low vaccine rates in Africa (see light color):

Cumulative deaths per million, again, Africa has among lowest as seen in light colors:

Yet seems they had high sero rates so they were exposed and infected long before OMI even:

Love the work of Kim Iversen