China & Xi: "Xi urges steps to 'protect' lives as China battles Covid wave"; all Xi needs to do is to listen to me as listed HERE: i)strongly double & triple down protect elderly & vulnerable in

by Paul Alexander

nursing homes, private homes ii)use Vit D3 supplementation & early multi-drug treatment (& prophylaxis) iii)use nasal-oral rinse povidone-iodine or hydrogen peroxide iv)ventilate homes (cont. below):

v)no lockdowns or school closures or business closures of the entire society

vi)allow the vast majority of society, the infants, children, teens, young adults, middle aged persons, older persons who are healthy and well, allow them to live ‘FREE’ and unfettered, no constraints. The population must be allowed to love naturally and harmlessly among pathogen, not only COVID, to be exposed and to be infected as part of normal living and to recover and to build natural immunity. Only then, can you inch towards herd immunity and you only get herd immunity if you cut the chain of transmission. This COVID gene injection has shown itself to be non-sterilizing non-neutralizing, and thus unable to stop infection, replication, or transmission. Thus if it cannot sterilize the virus, it cannot stop transmission and as such, you (China) will never get to herd immunity. It has failed. ZERO-COVID failed complete and also we fear what will happen if they move to mass vaccinate. Mass vaccination in the midst of an ongoing pandemic with massive elevated infectious pressure will doom the response and cause massive variants to emerge. We never ever mass vaccinate across age groups while there is circulating pathogen. In the midst of a highly mutable infectious pathogen. This will be a disaster for the world. Not only China.

vii)above all, make and take reasonable safety precautions, no panic. The population has no background immunity in China due to ZERO-COVID. You must allow the population to build immunity, you cannot get it with the vaccine. It has failed. Unless China develops a vaccine that is effective and safe unlike the COVID gene injections.

If you lock any society down long enough and hard enough, you will do exactly what you see happening now in China. You have denied your population baseline immunity and now they are all susceptible. There will be deaths as for common colds and flu in persons over 80 with medical conditions, those at high risk, and those with weakened immune systems, often the elderly. It is a fact of life. China has to grapple with that fact. Cannot get around it. This is a respiratory pathogen that presents respiratory challenges to elderly. They can mitigate and minimize deaths by what they do next, how they respond. ZERO-COVID has failed and will always fail.

The use of early treatment is critical (multi-drug sequenced overlapping anti-virals, corticosteroids, and anti-platelet anti-clotting drugs) as needed, and it is recommended as soon as there are symptoms/exposure e.g. day 1. Under the care of treating physicians and the government must be brave and allow the population and doctors to have access to these therapeutics. These early treatment drugs (NOT Paxlovid (COVID rebound causing) or Molnupiravir (mutation driving)) can reduce the risk of hospitalization and death by as much as 90%. No one drug but we are talking about those with some level of signal that in combination, are very effective.

Above all, China must not touch the failed, fraud, ineffective, deadly COVID mRNA (in fact all that end in spike protein produced or delivered via the platform) gene therapy platform. This injection is dangerous and will harm. China must not panic into use of this Bourla and Bancel fraud injection. Let your children free. Let your peoples free. Healthy people.

This is my Christmas gift to the Chinese people and to Xi, hopefully he listens. I have stood on the shoulders of Zelenko, McCullough, Risch and some lofty people. I am privileged to have learnt from them. We forge on but China must not knee jerk and over react and cause damager to the world.

If China does not work to tame this pandemic there, it can be catastrophic for the rest of the world in terms of driving very infectious even lethal variants. The world will suffer. It has to take a measured informed approach now build on the science we have spent 3 years accumulating.


No mass testing of asymptomatic persons, no mass testing of asymptomatic persons.

vii)stop the COVID injection completely (never in healthy children) and only offer it if any, and only to high risk persons, never mandate, and only if they are explained benefits versus harms.

China has to understand that ZERO-COVID was destined to fail as this is a respiratory pathogen with an animal reservoir and you have open borders. It is a mutable pathogen and thus no lockdowns could have tamped this down and eliminated it. You place pressure on the infectiousness of the virus with any non-pharmaceutical intervention (NPI) step you take. You greatly underestimated the evolutionary capacity of the virus to evolve and adapt to the NPI and induced antigen-specific high affinity vaccinal antibody pressure on the spike antigen. You will thus drive infectious variants and this pandemic will never EVER end. The vaccine MUST be stopped immediately. It is ineffective and harmful and never worked. Period!


Beijing (AFP) – Chinese President Xi Jinping urged officials on Monday to take steps to protect lives in his first public remarks on Covid-19 since Beijing dramatically loosened hardline containment measures this month.

‘Having mostly cut itself off from the rest of the world during the pandemic, China is now experiencing the planet's biggest surge in infections after abruptly lifting restrictions that torpedoed the economy.

Studies have estimated that around one million people could die over the next few months. Many in the population are now grappling with shortages of medicine, while emergency medical facilities are strained by an influx of undervaccinated elderly patients.

"At present, Covid-19 prevention and control in China are facing a new situation and new tasks," Xi said in a directive, according to state broadcaster CCTV.

"We should launch the patriotic health campaign in a more targeted way... fortify a community line of defence for epidemic prevention and control, and effectively protect people's lives, safety and health," Xi said.’

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