China's propaganda video, this is the video sent out Jan 23rd 2020 that spooked the world & US including Trump & I was spooked & scared; but lies, like all of it & now Shanghai, so US can lockdown

by Paul Alexander

The ANATOMY of China's COVID propaganda; see these 2 videos of January 2020 & what Trump was looking at; he must have been scared as he had the scarf lady and Fraudci demanding lockdown

I only give a flavor, not detailed.

And do not forget, the people sealed shut with welding torches inside their homes in China and their dogs and cats killed, were fully vaccinated. Do you get the insanity we live today?

Now look at what started it, China again, at the seat of this with the Gain-of-function research…Fauci and Francis Collins et al. we need to know soon, who in the US and who in China did this virus and why? Who was involved. Was Ukraine involved? Who? Was this a deliberate attack on the US? I am not even talking about the world, I am talking about a deliberate attack on the US. Was this a deliberate ‘accident’?

You can’t beat China when it comes to insanity and outrageousness as this is a communistic socialist insane way for people to live…you THINK you have freedom, so here they were even catching people with butterfly nets, spikes in the street, black hooded captures of people who break quarantine etc. looking back, it is outrageous and scary…and it may be coming to the US…

You must understand, we must stop this now for they are trying again using Fauci and CDC and NIH and Bourla of Pfizer again…

Then China declared it defeated down to the last infection, it defeated COVID March 19th 2020 and the press in US went wild with praise:

China defeats COVID with its lockdowns

Led to this very supportive report on China’s lockdown in Jan and Feb 2020 that lead Trump et al. to follow and made it easy for Fauci and scarf lady to bull sh*t him into the first of two of the greatest public health disasters ever, one being the unscientific harmful lockdowns and school closures, the other being Operation Warp Speed (OWS).

Report of the WHO-China Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

“China’s uncompromising and rigorous use of non-pharmaceutical measures to contain transmission of the COVID-19 virus in multiple settings provides vital lessons for the global response”

It is then by March 15/16, 2020, Trump allowed Fauci and the scarf lady to take control of the pandemic response and implement draconian unscientific unsound absurd and punitive lockdowns and school closures. You know the rest of history.

It was Jeff Tucker of AIER who alerted us as well as people like Scott Atlas and I, who were railing against lockdowns, as was Tucker, Bhattacharya and Gupta and Kulldorff. Us 6 and a few others like McCullough and Risch and Oskoui, that led the charge globally against lockdowns early in 2020. We were pilloried and savaged by the media as heretics.


This led to a masterful response by Jeff Tucker then of AIER:

Don’t laugh derisively, as people do these days, but I’ve always admired the New York Times. First draft of history. Talent everywhere. Best production values. Even with its ideological spin, it can be scrupulous about facts. You can usually extract the truth with a decoder ring. Its outsized influence over the rest of the press makes it essential. I’ve relied on it for years. Even given everything, and I mean everything. 

Until now. It’s just too much. Too much unreality, manipulation, propaganda, and flat out untruths that are immediately recognizable to anyone. I can’t believe they think they can get away with this with credibility intact. I’m not speaking of the many great reporters, technicians, editors, production specialists, and the tens of thousands who make it all possible. I’m speaking of a very small coterie of people who stand guard over the paper’s editorial mission of the moment and enforce it on the whole company, with no dissent allowed. 

Let’s get right to the offending passage. It’s not from the news or opinion section but the official editorial section and hence the official voice of the paper. The paragraph from June 2, 2020, reads as follows. 

Healing the wounds ripped open in recent days and months will not be easy. The pandemic has made Americans fearful of their neighbors, cut them off from their communities of faith, shut their outlets for exercise and recreation and culture and learning. Worst of all, it has separated Americans from their own livelihoods.

Can you imagine? The pandemic is the cause! 

I would otherwise feel silly to have to point this out but for the utter absurdity of the claim. The pandemic didn’t do this. It caused a temporary and mostly media-fueled panic that distracted officials from doing what they should have done, which is protect the vulnerable and otherwise let society function and medical workers deal with disease. 

Instead, the CDC and governors around the country, at the urging of bad computer-science models uninformed by any experience in viruses, shut down schools, churches, events, restaurants, gyms, theaters, sports, and further instructed people to stay in their homes, enforced sometimes even by SWAT teams. Jewish funerals were broken up by the police.