China's ZERO-COVID lockdown lunatic policy cannot ever work! Destroys economies, decimates the social fabric, denies population from inching to herd immunity, & the virus responds to the pressure

by Paul Alexander

The virus/pathogen responds to any 'pressure' you place on it and China underestimates the non-pharmaceutical intervention's capacity to drive evolution/adaptation e.g. mutations

China will not be able to emerge from lockdown with a ZERO COVID policy. Do they not see the world is moving on? Except for lunatic Canada and California, the world is done with this crap. This is now insane for OMICRON is akin to a common cold save those with serious underlying medical conditions. This is highly manageable with early treatment, strong protections of the elderly high risk in confined settings and private homes, and allowing the rest of society (low risk) to live normal lives. PSAs on vitamin D, proper body weight control etc.

‘While much of the world is moving past the pandemic, China remains stuck, with leader Xi Jinping continuing orders to maintain “zero covid.” These lockdowns are keeping localized outbreaks from spreading but are taking an enormous economic and psychological toll on the population.’


Stuck in China’s covid lockdown, people plead for food, medical care