Chinese woman (Shanghai/Beijing) jumps to her death due to starving; this is the cold reality of the ZERO-COVID lockdown policies we have warned against; it only denies herd immunity, destroys people

by Paul Alexander

Fauci and Birx criminal US lockdown; Chinese people if this continues will start eating each other...they are being brutalized and starved to death; another woman is pleading from her window for help

These lockdown lunatics!

It's not the virus, its the damage from the lockdowns that is worse, the deaths in the US were massive and have been hidden from the nation, they hid it under Trump, the CDC and media as then the US population would know the impact of Fauci and Birx lockdown.


Woman jumps to death as could not bear her hunger anymore

This is the Chinese epidemic curve today of infections and cases as of today and you see what happens when you deny your population inching closer to population level herd immunity, you have a base population that is now full of ‘susceptibles’ and the death curve will follow just based on a numbers game:


Do we need people to take a stand once and for all? Nothing is changing, we need tough stands, peaceful and lawful.