Cicero & Dr. Robert Malone, what do they have in common? The former spoke about 'the enemy within', the latter IS the enemy within; he knows it, we know it, Malone is a GRIFTER fraud; I tried silence!

by Paul Alexander

Malone has been firing off lawyer letters to McCullough and everyone he could, anyone he could bully, and his groupies, so he attacked now, so welcome Robert, to my world, lets dance! you fraud!

I am pained, deeply, by Malone today. That I too was moved to respond.

Malone, the enemy within, causing damage and destruction to the Freedom fighter movement. Yes, Cicero described him well. I am surprised that it went on so long.

The honeymoon is over and it should not be this way but it is. Malone and I today are officially divorced, I am divorcing him. He can keep the house and car and all the furniture, but the ‘facts’, the ‘truth’ I take with me. I will leave him the basket of ‘fraud’ and ‘deception’. That’s it, our affairs are now settled, no divorce lawyer needed. We had no children together. He could keep the horses too.

I fight the fraudulent CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID and all of the corrupted reckless health officials, Bourla of Pfizer, Bancel of Moderna with their failed deadly ineffective gene injection, Ashish Jha, Rochelle Walensky, daily, these corruptible inept people, I help wage against the lies and deception of officials in the prior Trump administration like Azar, the current administration for the lockdown lunacy that killed our business owners, killed our laid off employees, killed our children, the fraud school closures that caused children to take their lives, hanging themselves, data the fraud fecal putrid legacy media hid from you as Trump fought them, yes, I fight against all of it with warriors like Risch, Oskoui, McCullough, Ladapo et al. Daily the last 3 years. Real American warriors, and some Canadians like Tenenbaum etc. I will commit my life to battle with these people to do God’s work here for we are trying to fix madness that was set upon us by some very sick dangerous deadly forces.

And if I must take on Malone too, I will place him in the same bucket and fight him too, for it is time, it is time someone schools him on proper behavior and truth. I have been silent too long and watched him attack good freedom warriors. Now he has come at me (it’s been building) and now I will respond.

The Freedom movement is well, alive, and strong. Malone was never and will never be the movement. The movement needs no leader and certainly not him. The movement is strong.

If any leader is to be considered, it is McCullough and Risch. They started this fight to help stop the lockdowns and the madness. They pioneered early treatment with Oskoui and Ladapo and Zev Zelenko and folk like Littell, Smith, Fareed, Armstrong, Tyson, Vliet, Breggin etc.

Malone goes around, poking people, suing them, threatening to sue, harassing them, bullying them etc. and slandering them and plays games with language. It is sad, but he is the common denominator and people are silent in the hopes he shouts them out to get some play on their fledgling substack or where ever. I don’t need Malone. It’s right vs wrong for me, period!

I warned you Malone in the past, don’t phu*k with me, I am not anyone you dealt with before.

Now, you smeared me and now I will respond. I asked you nicely not to mess with me.

That the guy who tells you he invented the very same thing that has killed our children and parents and peoples, the guy who collects money off of that, begging you for your money and giving nothing in return, the guy who turns up to speeches with me and others and not once tells people what they wanted to hear, the guy who will be silent and come talk about horses and farms and European trips and junk, and you fail in interviews to ask the key questions. What was his role? What did he invent, as we can find no record of anything. If he did play a role, what can he tell us to have saved lives with the fraud gene shot? How to turn it off, how does it work if you invented it?

Again, I told him phu*k with other people, not with me. He crossed the line. I am sorry, I apologize. And you will see anger her in my tone but I am angry, so don’t go telling me I am angry. I am. It is not you he wrote about. I don’t like when people do that to anyone including me. He meant to hurt me in an open forum, public, and it does hurt.

So I am responding.

See, I was minding my business and he interfered with me again. So I have to respond. He has gone after good people and sued good people and fires off lawyer letters etc. He and the company he works with owes me $10,000 for my work that they used to raise money, I know what they did, and they have failed to pay me for using my work. Malone, shove it up your ass, I don’t want it, you and your company, nothing from you or the fraud company you attach to for word is that crypto arena is steep in pedophilia. Especially those who have bases etc. in Puerto Rico. Those are people who should be in the deepest darkest recesses of prisons. If you did not know, I inform you now.

I beg you again, do not interfere with me, do not write about me in the public space, you do not know me, I am not your friend, do not mention my name. I will respond in kind if you attack me in the public space.

And do not reach out to me, folk out there, saying ‘Paul, do not reply to him just stay out’. Like that. I will say, do not do that. I know it one way. I ‘war’ one way. Do not interfere with people, do not attack them etc. if you are not prepared for the reply. I war one way.

Malone does nothing for the Freedom movement and has used it to enrich himself and now just creates destruction. He damages good people. Oh his ‘feelings’ are hurt by them. The movement can survive without him. Without anyone. We basically stand alone and battle on our own and this is best. Yet this guy is moving along damaging good people. I cannot stand by silent anymore.

IMO, he is nothing but a fraud. He knows it. A grifter master.


Some would say take the moral high ground and stay silent and do not reply to him. Don’t get sucked in. I ordinarily would, but people like Malone etc. (Berenson as an example also uses his Substack to relentlessly smear Dr. Naomi Wolf when she has told him nothing and does not reply. Yet he is relentless and smacks of misogyny and sexism and pettiness and envy; I like Berenson, he is smart, and has helped us in the fight, but he is misguided and wrong in his attacks on people and especially on Wolf who is a huge warrior daily in the COVID battle to improve lives and safety of all, women, children especially against the fraud COVID gene injection) are using public forums to hurt others e.g. using Twitter and Substack and Facebook. This is wrong and since I was attacked on TWITTER and here, I will reply. I apologize to you all, my time is too valuable to waste it on Malone but he attacked me and I am not Jesus Christ. I am just a stupid, imperfect, struggling man. I make mistakes and can be a bumbling idiot at times. I am trying.

I however ask any and everyone to stop this. Stop attacking each other. Yet I am human and if you smear me, I will reply as am doing now. I deeply regret this.

I have been quiet, tried to not get involved in the Malone game, the fraud of Malone, the grand usurper, the grand fraud, yet when he attacks me, I have no choice. I cannot be silent.

Yet your Twitter attack on me (especially the 2nd to last embed below is fraught with lies and aspersions that are untrue and loaded) and risks my life (and family) and safety and placed a mark on me. You did this. Why? You called me a liar. Why would you do this? You attack McCullough and all also. Do you not know the risks we take ordinarily and when you write what you do, when you attack us, you make it worse. Why would you place me at risk this way? Why would you write this ay about me? You have made it incredibly difficult for me.

How do I respond to you now? How do I do it ‘nicely’? I don’t know how to be nice in this situation.

I again apologize and may be long winded but I am angered by this.

I am not attacking, I am responding and factual. You are a rat Malone, a weasel, you use Twitter and substack and forums to smear and attack people who you know are better than you and of merit in the COVID fight. For you are irrelevant. You are part of a mRNA technology and situation that has killed many people, too many of my peoples, poor peoples, brown and black peoples, many children and you have refused to answer questions and played with language and only want to be a celebrity pretending, yet you have no role. You are nothing in this yet have managed to BS people.

You do and must in time answer too for this fraud gene injection and your role.

When we say we want people investigated and to sit in a courtroom under oath, in proper legal inquiries, we mean you too Malone. You have been hiding among the Freedom movement but not for long, you will need answer legal questions for your role on the vaccine that has killed.

If you discovered this, tell us how to turn it off. ‘If’ you discovered it, for even if you did (and I do not believe anything you have ever stated), then you must know how to turn it off even if they messed with it re swapping in methylated-pseudo-uracil and molecular caps etc. Tell us how it works, we don’t want to hear about your horses and farm and psychological theories bull sh*t etc. Keep it to yourself. Tell people what they wanted to know day one, which is simple, will it kill them, kill us, kill their children? Kill our military and police. Tell us. ‘If’ you really know about it. You have not and played and played, collecting donor money. You are a fraud. Opportunist.

My office was one floor below Operation Warp Speed and I never ever heard your name and sat in many meetings, even with Moderna which was also there on 7th floor of HHS. How come?

I will tell you Malone once, here, once, this is my response to your twitter filth (below), and I warn you nicely. I plead, leave me alone. You see how I respond when attacked? So if you come at me again, I will ramp up my content.

Leave me alone.

Do not mention me or write about me. I am not your friend. I ‘get’ you. I ain’t one of your groupies, I will dance with you daily if need be if you attack me, and take you apart technically for you are an empty suit, a light light weight, not technically sound except in chemicals and pipettes. Not even in virology, immunology, or vaccinology. Folk like Yeadon and Vanden Bossche and certainly Risch and McCullough will tear you up scientifically and for sure me.

Why don’t you discuss issues with us one on one, epidemiology, COVID, everything. You are a government type pipetting chemist, again, that’s all. You pretend to be otherwise. That’s why you won’t go on any show with anyone of substance to talk any science for you got none. You even only go places when your groupies are behind you so the focus is not on your lack of expertise. They said don’t reply, he is ‘sensitive’. I laugh, I understand Malone well, he is a money making fraud and he is operating like controlled opposition damaging good people. I watched him but because our paths overlapped, I have kept quiet, a bit involved when he sued Breggin and attacked Stew Peters and others. You are the common denominator, suing everyone.

But now he is coming at me so now I will engage. I apologize to my peoples, to all, for this is not me. I am focusing on COVID, the science etc. Somehow this man thinks he got game. I will warn you Malone, I am not the people you play with. This reply should let you know. The more you come at me, I will reply 10 fold. I know it no other way.

I ask you, this is my reply, now leave me alone. If you engage, I WILL reply. I do not play nice so leave me alone.

I will start only with this Twitter exchange, you fraud! They:

1)said all you are and were is a pipetting chemist, that’s all, I agree, a fraud

2)you run around talking Nobel prize, don’t you get you are irrelevant, no one cares except your groupies and those who want you to call them out to get some hits on their substack etc.; that’s what you use, MONEY, or possible money and your groupies follow along like ducks; we know the fraud so we look on and laugh

3)they said you are controlled opposition; I have been silent, now I say yes, it may be true, I know of controlled opposition that behave like you

4)they said you are a fraud, I have been silent, now I say yes, it may well be true

5)you said in a game you are playing with language and have your groupies playing with language that you para a)invented mRNA b)invented the mRNA vaccine c)the vaccine d) and all variations but you are a liar, you invented nothing. You are not even mentioned in the important circles.

What is it? Did you invent the mRNA technology used in the COVID gene injections by Pfizer and Moderna? Did you? What part of it? I never ever saw you in any operation warp speed meetings or ever heard your name, I heard many others names and met many folk in the vaccine development but not you. How come? Do they know you? At times you and groupies of you say you invented the vaccine. How? Again, tell us, did you invent the mRNA gene vaccine? I know it is no. Please tell people exactly what you are part of, if any. Moreover, if you are part of this, then you have many questions to answer as to the harms from it.

6)you and DeMED and Global COVID summit, you are mining people data to sell vitamins and supplements. Why does a link to GCS go to DeMED? You are linked to an area of crypto that is rumored to be linked to pedophilia. I suggest get out of it. I did not touch it because of the rumors and assertions. I will not go anywhere near anything even a whiff to pedophilia.

7)you said I identified as assistant secretary HHS, go do your homework, I was a senior pandemic advisor to the A Secretary. I have always said that. You lied about me and slandered and smeared me there and you know what you were doing here, to cast me in negative untruthful light. As if I tell untruths. So you lied about my work position to give the impression that I lied when you do know you are deceitful and lying here. Get your facts straight. Why try to do this to me?

8)you attack McCullough and others out of envy, greed, you are petty and invisible to serious people; go get a life. Tend to your horses.

9)some told me the Twitter exchange below it is you talking to you, the responder is ‘made up’; I believe them, you are capable, IMO you have emerged as that shady and capable; you sought to smear me and cast aspersions on me here and many good freedom fighters. Why? When you were nothing and nobody we let join our movement. We just did not know early on you were really a grifter grafter opportunist.

10)you allude to me as a grifter. You? The master grifter fraudster. You? You are a pipetting chemist, nothing more. You saw fame and popularity to jump onto the COVID warrior freedom fighters and were bold to think you would be the leader ‘oh, I invented the mRNA bogus fraud para’.

Yet you do know, we are heading to bring all and anyone linked to these gene injections to legal forums and you will be sitting under oath. You should get your suits ready.

I ask you, I plead, send me a lawyer letter, you and your incompetent lawyer trying to sue Breggin and any and everyone, send me one, you fraud.

Now this is my simple reply and I am being nice, to your game on Twitter. I ask you to leave me alone in your fraudster crap. Leave me alone. If you come at me, I will reply and I do not play like you. And btw, send you moronic layer at me. I will ask the questions as to your role in the mRNA gene injection that has killed thousands. You cannot just come around, make money off of the pain and suffering of people in COVID, pretend to be some smart ‘inventor’ when you did nothing and lie and more importantly, refuse to answer the right questions except tell us about your farm and horses and bullsh*t we are not interested in.

We want to know how the mRNA shots will kill us and you seem to like to collect donor money and get their money, yet somehow do not answer the right questions.

And btw, don’t send people to write me telling me you are now in a depression over this and may be suicidal. That’s what people told us prior. People wrote me saying this. So why would you continue interfering with people? Please, you want to play with adults, put on your big boy drawers before you play with someone like me. I grew up in the islands poor, struggling, and I work hard. That’s all I know how to do. I wear my island on my sleeve and will lay my life down for the US flag and nation, its constitution. Same for Canada. I will, however, not be bullied, or be smeared in open forums. I have the right to respond.

And btw, I am being nice here.

You fraud Malone.

You are such a weasel, saying you do not charge for your substack, what a joke, that is standard, no one, it is free as default. People do so and pay voluntarily. Who told you these words, some idiotic lawyer? I think so. We all do the same. Anyone who pays any of us to be in our substack do so voluntarily. Just like you. You do nothing special. Yet you write as if people reading your sh*t are stupid and you are doing them something special by letting them join for free. Your words make it that other people MUST pay to follow someone on substack. No one MUST pay. It is always voluntary. Never was forced. Even here you are deceitful and duplicitous as if your substack is ‘special’, why operate this way? you attack people sheepishly. I have zero respect for people like you who play this way. I did not know you were a weasel until people pointed things out to me.

Why? You have tried to damage the Freedom warrior movement day one, but we let you in. We let you join our movement, you were late and had no role as we fought lockdowns, drove early treatment, and fought the vaccine. You jumped on for you saw you could trick people out of money saying ‘I discovered it’.

OK, then you are partly responsible, no?

This is not your movement, it has no leader, you do not lead anything and you are sick in the head to think so. And no one makes policies based on what you say. No one. You also use our work, you use my, McCullough, Berenson etc., all of our work and then you write as if you are some expert. We all feed off each other but you write as if you are the oracle and we see the lack of depth.