CIDRAP: 'Window to control monkeypox may be closing in US'; then tell GAY and bisexual community NO, NONE, ZERO skin-to-skin intimate contact or anal sex for 3 weeks! no exchange of saliva

by Paul Alexander

This will prevent expansion of this virus into the low-risk heterosexual population especially by bisexuals; this is what happened with the HIV pandemic where politics ruled and it spread

You have to tell GAY males to have no anal sex, none. It is imperative, for a short period, a few weeks. No playing with this issue anymore. No politics by CDC and NIH and Fauci and WHO. And politicians. You locked us down for 2 years, the GAY community can have no sex for 3 weeks. The pustules and lesions on the anus and penis are a key point of spread. They need to stop. Stop this bullshit ‘safer sex’. NO, tell them the truth, NO eff in sex, none! No contact, it will help them and the rest of society. Abstinence is what is needed here, in this issue.

These deranged public health CDC and NIH and WHO malfeasants who ran our lives for 2.5 years with COVID and shut us down with a fake pandemic and fake PCR test and fake fraud asymptomatic transmission, we could not bury our dead, could not go to church, could not leave our homes, closed schools and children killed themselves. Business owners killed themselves. And you bitches can’t tell the GAY community to stop for 3 weeks? WTF? Why not tell them have sex with only one person? Is this too difficult to say and do?

Is GAY sex that important to the politicians? To the GAY community that they cannot stop for 2 weeks? Their rights? That they, the public health and politicians are paralyzed from leading here? Is the GAY vote that important? That you would risk the rest of the population and allow it to expand and spread broadly and even not help the GAY community with the right guidance? Am I dreaming?

If I offend you that is tough and too bad for you. Do not read my stack.

We do not want stigmatization or ostracizing etc. Let us deal with this virus as a virus should be dealt with and attack the mode of transmission, the source.

This one piece of advice and guideline by CDC and NIH and WHO, if they stop deliberately driving the expansion into the general population which I am 100% convinced they are doing, this one piece of advice will help defeat this virus.

Let us see again, if they will do the right thing or continue hanging the GAY community, as Fauci is prone to do, out to dry! This guidance will help protect them and eliminate the virus. This is not about ‘protected sex’ and your rights, this now is about ‘no sex’ for a short period. No contact that could involve any tissue, skin, rectal tearing where micro tears between partners allow spread. This happens even in heterosexuals. This is not a ‘GAY’ sex issue but the means via which this virus spreads. You cut the chain of transmission by addressing the mechanism of spread. Forget hurting ‘feelings’.


CIDRAP: Window to control monkeypox may be closing in US

My friend eugyppius’s piece on this, well written.