Clandestine @WarClandestine on TWITTER shared some interesting TWEETS: 'So for those who are concerned this could be an escalation into WW3, I’ve got news for you. We are already in WW3. Russia,

by Paul Alexander

China & the rest of the world have been under biological attack since December 2019, possibly before then'. Tell me what you think? I don't trust CCP but no censoring, what say you? Toppled Trump?

Sharing and opening the debate does not mean any of us are anti-American, hell, ask me and I will cut the WH lawn daily, love this nation and seek to protect her from those wanting to destroy her cough cough ** squad cough cough ** and RINOs and freak democrats and even some repubs, so we want healthy civil but difficult debate, and we are not pro-Russian, we sleep with one eye open, yet I am not one to go starting wars and causing and provoking, we deal with such nations with caution and skepticism. China is our real problem, the CCP, not the people, the CCP. My opinion like you have yours!

Did the US attack China with a bioweapon weapon? Do we have this all wrong? It is a very interesting and dangerous question. Did they do this to Trump? Obama and Biden and particular interests? Did they set him up? Did he figure it out. Was this beyond him? What was the role of the Ukraine labs in this? Is Fauci just a low level punk bagman? And Francis Collins? Little people.

Was the pathogen low level and mild really, all along, even in US and globally, infectious but non-lethal? Was this pathogen, whatever it is, always and already circulating? Were the initial deaths due to our reaction to it when they used a flawed false positive PCR test to shut down society and thus medicalize already vulnerable weak people? In other words, massive deaths would have not occurred had we left his alone? Were they going to pretend and leave it alone since they released it, yet other players decided to use it to topple Trump and the lunatic lockdown and hospital policies then caused the massive deaths etc.?

I am only speculating. Musing. IMO always. To provoke debate on my substack and elsewhere. I have become a reporter, ha ha ha, so I have to absolutely disbelieve anything a government or media tells me and I have to make them prove it to me and to you. It is healthy and a must.

What is he or she really saying here? It is very disturbing. Do we censor and not speak it or share it? Or question? I say never.

Was this pandemic brought the way they were, was all of this done initially to hurt Trump, to topple him, to damage the US?

What did they really do to us with this virus or pathogen, with seemingly poison pills? Are they now deliberately maintaining the pandemic for 100 more years by rolling out vaccine while virus is circulating and thus driving infectious variant after infectious variant?

This is quite interesting what Clandestine is saying and we cannot censor anyone. I in no way trust anything CCP says but there are very very serious questions as to the Ukraine labs and what they have been doing and the role even of Hunter Biden as per released documents. The time line as to when this pathogen was first released or appears, it does not add up or make sense. We have data/evidence of March 2019 and thus has to be Fall 2018 but I argue it was circulating several years prior at a low level, benign, no ‘case definition’ as operated as an ILI with symptoms akin to a common cold, respiratory illness, flu, and likely impacted elderly compromised persons as a respiratory ILI virus does.

It was officially detected in February March 2020 via the over-cycled over-sensitive fraud PCR ‘process (yet IMO was always circulating), where we cycled at 40 and 45 cycle counts (amplifications) when we knew anything above 24 cycles was detecting viral dust and fragments and non-viable, non-cultural, non-infectious, non-pathological virus. 95% of ‘positives’ that we closed schools and shut society and businesses down for, whereby people killed themselves in desperation, were false positives in 2020 and 2021. All involved knew this.

China locked down tight and long (ZERO-COVID) yet only delayed the inevitable. As we see. Yet did the US with the non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs e.g. lockdowns etc.) and resulting selection pressure on the antigen (on the infectiousness of the virus e.g. the spike epitope binding sites) and the sub-optimal gene injection immune pressure on the spike work to drive variants that are prolonging the pandemic? Was the pathogen low level and mild really, all along, even in US and globally, infectious but non-lethal, and China in ending ZERO-COVID now has massive infections but not that level of deaths?

Did the US release this virus (mild non-lethal and those involved knew it) and cause deaths and other nations by locking down and closing schools, and then the fraud flawed non-sterilizing vaccine, coupled to the devastating and poor treatment of those infected when they entered into the hospital systems? Had the already circulating virus petered out into endemicity had we not brought the vaccine? I say YES! Did Fauci et al. panic to bring the injection to tame what they released?

Did we see deaths each time we vaccinated (each dose including boosters) and the maltreatment in health care e.g. sedating, isolating, intubating and ventilation? In other words, appreciable deaths not due to virus but due to vaccine and healthcare system treatment? Were deaths in US not due to the virus principally, but actually due to treatment in the hospitals and the denial of health care for other chronic diseases and illnesses that with no routine health care and treatment, festered and moved further in sequelae and caused deaths? Deaths we are seeing now in the ‘excess mortality’?

What was the US’s role in COVID and was the virus actually made on US soil and was this pandemic caused by a leak on US side, not in China? Did the virus NOT emerge in Wuhan, in the WIV? Was the virus circulating years prior and all involved e.g. NIH, Fauci etc. knew it? Was it mild and they knew it yet they created disaster with the vaccine and the maltreatment in hospitals and lockdown lunacy that killed? I repeat for I want you to think about his.

Did they ‘detect’ something in February 2020 with fraud over-cycled PCR that they knew was there already circulating? Already circulating? That they created. Mild, circulating but caused deaths when they locked down and pressured the virus and drove more virulence? And then brought the fraud sub-optimal injection? Then added to this, the devastating deadly treatment in the health system? I ask again to think about this.

We need this addressed. Clandestine’s series of TWEETS above add another dimension and raises some interesting questions. What does he or she mean by the world has been under biological attack since 2019? By whom? The US? Can he or she go that far? That is a serious statement. Again, why is there a flood of US money into Ukraine, tax money? Is this hush money? To keep hushed on the bioweapons lab programs? Was FTX’s Sam a player in this as to funneling money? Is FTX linked to Ukraine too? To Biolabs? In some strange twisted way?

Did the US attack China with a biological attack during the Trump administration? Unknown to him. Or even before Trump? Maybe in Biden administration? Did the dark forces choose him to pull it off? Was the lab leak theory from China NOT from China? We know this was engineered, we know that by all the features etc. of the virus but could we have been misled all along and that China was not the source of the leak? Was it not China, was it deliberate, and was it via US e.g. Fauci et al.? Are we looking at a situation whereby the US did this to itself, accidentally or deliberately? Why? Did this COVID virus leak from US soil e.g. Chapel Hill? From Ukraine labs? Could be. IMO. Is this why OWS was a pure military operation? Why was it near pure military? Good folk I met there but why? Purely logistics for the military?

Was this really about money, profits? Was this virus used to make serious money by pharma and also used to topple Trump? Did many players jump onto the virus and the effects of it to their advantage, and to achieve their agendas and needs? Was the virus really a means to hobble and topple Trump and used to take away freedoms and liberties and reshape the world? Some say these things now and I stretch my imagination to consider this yet it is on the table too. We must never ever censor and we must be willing to have serious discussions. No matter what emerges and where it leads.

Sometimes I think I need to take up serious drinking. Heavy drinking.