Clinical medicine is dead, Evidence-based medicine is dead, academic research is dead, medical journal publishing is dead, public health DOA, ALL dead due to fraud & lies in COVID response; distrust

by Paul Alexander

Leaders in Trump & Biden admins & led by the KING leader Dr. Francis Collins, a corruptible NIH technocrat, Fauci, Birx, Ashish Jha, Walensky, utter incompetence, ineptness! Academically sloppy

It all died, all of it died due to COVID and the fraud illogical, unscientific, unsound lockdown and school closure lunacy.

The COVID pandemic response (both Trump and Biden administrations) and the lockdown lunacy was the greatest public health disaster in history and seconded only by the fraud failed ineffective COVID gene injection that is harmful to the vaccinee. These two, the lockdown lunacy and the dangerous COVID gene injections are pure failures, utter devastation wrought on populations. No excuse for we gave the science, the real science all the way. WE investigate them all, and if shown they did wrong, we financially penalize them and jail them, deep time!