Clyburn must be very careful here, the FDA & Bourla of Pfizer & Bancel of Moderna are not telling him the bare truth that children are at near zero risk, can handle this virus immune wise & vax kills!

by Paul Alexander

Pfizer & Moderna know the data, they know its bull sh*t to study antibody levels, bogus science on 140 kids (undersized) to not detect safety; fraud science; be careful James, they are setting you up

SOURCE: Democrat Rep. Clyburn Requests Briefing on How Soon the FDA Can Approve COVID Vaccines for Children Under Five

So Clyburn is anxious and ancy for the vaccine for 5 year olds. Why? Advice to you James, I am not into disparaging others so I have nothing ill to say about you, the media and detractors can write all the smack they wish about you, I ain’t into that as no matter if we disagree politically, and I do, I trust you are doing the Lords work trying to do good and I sense you are in your own way….just do not buy the garbage tripe uttered by that dimwit snake oil salesperson Ashish Jha (he called us such so I return it in kind, I am not ready yet to forgive though I hold out love for him when he is ready to screw on his head properly scientifically and public health wise), go ask him for the science, he talks nonsense 24/7, he gas lights, so do not wait on FDA James etc., no no no, take a walk to Ashish’s office and ask him, can you show me science Ashish to warrant this vax in kids?

Truth is James, he has no science to back up the junk he states and he knows it! He will blink many, many times to appear smart on COVID (likely he knows his area well but on COVID he is an idiot and he showed this for 2 years on CNN), he may even use the word ‘ah’ many times, with long pauses, go ask Obama et al. what libs folk like them do to appear smart, go ask Trudeau…as he sputters and tells you “sssshhhhhh James, pipe down will you, we cannot say it publicly, that the kids do not need it and this vaccine can even kill them, we already see many adverse effects and we know that many will die from the vaccine (as we have seen already re VAERS etc.)….we will just continue parroting the same false garbage about safe and effective that we know is not true and there is no data to show this…yes, about an injection that has failed and which is based on the initial Wuhan legacy strain that cannot work on the omicron, and can never cut the chain of transmission so will never get to herd immunity to end the pandemic…yes, we know it as a non-sterilizing vaccine will only drive infectious variants every 2 months or so but our job is to push it, we are shills for pharma…there is a reason for that James, yes, and we will continue BS ing the nation…and no issue with infections, they are not dying from this, the kids, that is, James, they will be fine so ssshhhh, let us continue mocking with the public and revving them up with falsehoods and using CNN and FOX to drive illogical unscientific hysteria but you and I know DO NOT give your own grand kids or your kids these, ever James, I certainly will not to my kids, can you promise me this James, one homie to another, one brother to another”?

CNN Dana Bash presses Ashish Jha: When will vaccines be ready for kids under 5?

“I am frustrated on their behalf”, so says Ashish on vaccines for children or lack of them, in his recent reply to Dana on CNN. But how idiotic is this? How uninformed. He knows that children do not have risk (statistical zero), he knows that the vaccine confers no benefit, he knows the vaccine brings harms, yet why would he be pushing this vaccine for 5 year olds? Is it pure ineptness or malfeasance by people? This is pure recklessness and he knows it. He knows better so why is he doing this? There is zero science, zero data to support this garbage and nonsense he spouts and that is actually very dangerous for these vaccines were never properly safety tested and we can damage the proper functioning INNATE immune systems of our children. This is potentially catastrophic. If we damage the innate immunity of children, we will never ever be able to get this under control. This pandemic will go on for 100 years and will result in infectious variant one after another (due to the vaccine that does not sterilize the virus), with the possibility of a lethal humanity altering one.

The fact is that the innate immune system of children is so potent, so robust, so nimble, so viciously capable, and we can see how well it functions in that most kids who are exposed to COVID virus do not get infected, or recover beautifully, are largely asymptomatic and do not go onto severe illness, in that their infection if infected, is asymptomatic. The vaccine brings near zero benefit given the potency of the innate immune system in kids. Its that simple and Ashish knows this and he is playing a dangerous reckless game with our children. The antibodies (Abs) gained via the vaccine (vaccinal Abs) can be catastrophic to children. Why?

We theorize and there is evidence that these Abs cannot sterilize the virus (omicron spike) or neutralize the spike, yet the Abs can still bind to the spike (RBD) and in binding, it outcompetes the natural innate Abs in children that have low specificity, are naïve and low affinity to the omicron antigen as based on the original Wuhan legacy strain. The vaccinal Abs have much higher affinity for the omicron spike antigen. Thus the vaccinal Abs subverts and outcompetes the innate Abs for the target antigen. The innate Abs are therefore unable to discharge its functional role of sterilizing and eliminating the virus. So with repeated exposure as we are within a pandemic, the vaccinal Abs are recalled repeatedly yet cannot eliminate the virus but can bind, and places the spike under extreme pressure (immune pressure that is sub/quasi-optimal and non-neutralizing). This can result in antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) and as Dr. Stock would describe, antibody mediated viral enhancement. In other words, this type of vaccine and vaccinal Abs actually facilitates the entry of the omicron virus into the cells, promotes infection. We can damage our children and not only with infection (ADEI), but with antibody dependent enhanced disease (ADED).

I hope James gets schooled on the issues for they may leave him holding the bag when the children start getting very sick and dying from the vaccine. Do not leave it up to Ashish, do not James, he has a job to do shilling the vaccines.