Clyburn says ‘the country is in danger of imploding’; IMO Clyburn is right & praise, but he is missing the mark as usual as he fails to call out DEM cities & states, run by dem governors & congress

by Paul Alexander

He refuses to go the inner city and talk to the black male about fatherhood and raising your kids, he refuses to hold the CDC & NIH & FDA & medical establishment to account, about HOME OWNERSHIP James

The CDC & NIH & FDA & medical establishment and leaders of these alphabet agencies detest blacks, hate them, then do not ‘see’ them, and this has always been part of the problem and why over for 40-50 years risk factors that could have been reduced were left to fester and how COVID came and hollowed out black communities…public health in the US squandered the opportunity to school blacks on body weight control (obesity) and vitamin D3 supplementation and early out-patient treatment (McCullough, Zev Zelenko, Risch et al.)…tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of black Americans would be alive today had public health officials like Francis Collins and Fauci and Birx and Walensky and Redfield etc. al. focused on them and the needed PSA messages…I am saying it, the public health establishment in the US do not regard minorities and blacks, they do not…I can say it, I was there, some told me…go see how over 1,000 CDC employees even filed suit on CDC/Redfield etc. for racism…it is real…in CDC and to the public…

But when I write, I write wanting to give tips and information that I have come to learn in the hopes it helps…it will always be about


…any kind of home…just ownership, that millions remain locked out of…deliberately…home ownership is the one factor in any model, anywhere, that predicts dramatically reduced crime…

He refuses to call out the fight to denigrate faith and religion in the black community and they have always been leaders in this…he is a man of faith so he must champion it again and do not be afraid to speak clarion calls; he refuses to call out Planned Parenthood targeting blacks for IMO genocide…yes, they are killing black people and killing the black baby in utero; he refuses to call out the young black male killing his brother in the hood e.g. Chicago…he refuses to champion home ownership…home ownership has always been the ONE, the ONE factor that will bring down any crime anywhere any nation…the elite blacks do not care about their brothers in the hood etc., they got their kickbacks and are part of the problem…the elite white do not give a damn and the repubs and dems same thing, no one cares but if we focused on home ownership and pride of ownership and the impact on reducing crime, we will reap rewards.

Praise to James Clyburn but he missed the mark. He is trying to help but is incendiary too. Come to the table James with solutions or offer some.


Clyburn says ‘the country is in danger of imploding’