CNN (Chris Licht's fecal, bottom-dwelling, low-life, banal, feral, specious inept media outfit) accuses Dr. Joe Ladapo (Florida Surgeon General) of altering analysis to show higher risk to young men

by Paul Alexander

from the COVID gene injection vaccine (based on Malone's mRNA technology); this is typical CNN & hogwash corrupted legacy media that takes age-stratification by Ladapo to clarify risk, as 'altering'

Those descriptives above I reserve for US and Canadian media, in fact, all legacy media. Putrid, banal, fecal entities.

It is heavy to say Ladapo lied, it is a serious charge so I got to come out swinging.

They took his sound science and called it ‘altering’ for they cannot understand it.


You could accept all that fraud flawed Moderna research and fraud FDA EUAs yet question Ladapo? You were cool with what Pfizer did and reported? No respectable journal would have published their research. NEJM and JAMA etc. are corrupted rags, inept polotical journals today, garbage, bought out by pharma and COVID grants. When these domonic vaccine makers set aside thousands of participants and their data that would have dropped their 95% relative risk reduction to less than the needed 50% threshold and you were down with that? When they reported Relative risk reduction (RRR) when we needed the more accurate and informative absolute risk reduction (ARR)? Knowing that the 95% RRR was really 0.7% ARR and no one would have taken that seriously. Yet you liked that CNN?

Color again, huh? Threatened by a strong smart black man, huh? Wicked smart. Can’t cope with that, huh?

You moronic failed doctors who refused to treat people with established early treatment and left them to die, and you now question Ladapo? Who did more to save lives than you maggots. You liked and support the small sample sized studies by the fraud COVID vaccine makers that can never find serious rare events, you like the small outcome event numbers in the Moderna and Pfizer sham methodologically defective trials and observational confounded studies, you approve of the stopping early for benefit, you approve of the giving the placebo group, the vaccine, that effectively dooms the vaccine trials so we will never know if it worked or was harmful, you support that? Huh? But you go after the black scientist, you typical racist freaks. You approve of the 95% confidence intervals that go from California all the way to China with extensive COVID gene injection negative effectiveness, you like that? But not the black man scientist work? You liked the short duration of follow-up studies by Moderna and Pfizer so no one can detect adverse events and especially serious rare ones. You liked that? You liked that they wanted to hide their data for 75 years from the public. Liked that huh?

Typical legacy media and its incompetence and fraudness for the doctors and scientists who rushed out in step to call Ladapo a ‘liar’ today are the same ones who over three years showed cognitive dissonance to the real science, were averse to the science, intellectual laziness and academic slopiness as they failed to and refused to take up a scientific paper and read it. They were incentivized and bought out.

These idiots who hammer Ladapo are the fools, the dangerous fools who supported lockdowns, who had no issue with your child locked out of school, who told us that vaccine gives superior immunity to natural immunity knowing they were lying, that they used the fraud flawed over-cycled PCR test, these are the same doctors, knowing that over 24 amplications they were in effect detecting non-infectious non-lethal virus and so was shutting down society for a lie, these doctors.

These same morons who told us we were at equal risk of severe outcomes and death such that 10 year old Johnny was at equal risk if exposed as 85 year old granny with 3 medical conditions (despite a 1000 fold difference in risk). These doctors and idiots advising CNN. These same absurd specious inept fools who told us asymptomatic spread was critical for this fraud pandemic when we know still today, it never was.

They all showed us how stupid they are and inept, how moronic and uninformed and corrupted and shills they are and I mean all those who appear on CNN and even FOX (the Siegals etc.). The showed us they do not ‘read’ the data, do not ‘understand’ the data and do not ‘get’ the data. Yet wish to hammer Ladapo. Is it because he is smarter and more intuned than you? That he has serious experise and of course, we know because he is black, no matter how many Ivy League woke schools he attended, he will always be ‘lesser capable’. Can’t be because he is black. Could it?

Yet I am an evidence-based medicine specialist schooled by the founder of evidence-based medicine, research methods and biostatistical techniques etc., and I can tell you that Ladapo is more skilled and expertised than all of you morons combined. You are just envious that the black man doctor understands the data and you cannot. That he could not be bought out and biased like you. That he has church bells as stones when you have vi jay jays and wear pink poissy hats to bed. Is that the reason? Mere pettiness and envy? Is it because he identifies as a Christian man? A straight heterosexual male with a wife and kids? Strong man. I say it has lots to do with his colour and you beasts should be ashamed of yourself. And you call yourself ‘progressive’ and informed.

So if you say he lied and he altered, then show us where he lied and how and show us your analysis that demonstrates his lie. Please, help us, point to it. Make your case.


‘Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo altered an analysis released by the Florida Department of Health last year to suggest mRNA Covid-19 vaccines pose a significant health risk to men ages 18 to 39, Politico reported Monday.’